Cycling Clubs In Bangalore

Posted on :
19 August 2016
Posted on :
19 August 2016

Bicycle runs on the fat and saves you money, where as car runs on money and makes you fat. It's a no brainer that cycling is a better mode of transport for intra-city travelling. It's eco-friendly, cost-effective and helps in being fit. Cycling lover needs no encouragement in taking their bicycle out for a ride. No matter their age or purpose!

But people who loved to cycle as a kid, and has abandoned their cycles along with their childhood adventures, needs only a little encouragement and company to get started. Recreational cycling has become a trending activity in major cities, and what's better than a cycling club to get started on cycling with like minded people.

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Whatever your cycling expertise be there is a cycling club for you in Bangalore. Feeling like a taking a tour of the city in search of little known places, or just take off in an unventured trail for a week long trip on your cycle, the city will not disappoint you. Here is our pick of some of the best Bangalore Cycling Clubs and Cycling event organisers :

1. Bangalore Cyclist Group

Bangalore Cyclist Group is An unofficial group of cyclists getting together to share their love and passion for cycling. It's a Meet Up group founded in 2012, and now has about 3.300+ members. Among many other cycling events, they organize these series of RASAM (Ride on A Sunday Morning) cycling events, which is usually a city trail which ends with a sumptuous breakfast!

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2.  Pedal in Tandem

Pedal in Tandem is  more of a community of cyclists rather than event organisers. The whole group gets together to organise cycling trips in and around Bangalore. Their motto is to pedal in tandem towards healthier and happier lifestyle.

Find the events here : Pedal In Tandem

3. Cycling & More

Cycling & More has dedicated themselves in making a weekend cycling trip fun and adventurous. It's a place for cyclists who are interested in multi day rides.

4. Bangalore Randonneurs

Bangalore Randonneurs is a part of Audax India Randonneurs (AIR). Randonneurs or Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux are long distance cycling events, where a fixed distance that needs to be completed in a specific time limit. The minimum distance covered in randonneuring event is 200 km.

5. Unventured

Unventured is all about providing the travellers an off the beaten path real world experience of India. They want to change the way people travel and experience places. Travelling ought to bring people closer to the places through interactions, and they emphasies on that. Their trips ranges from Long Haul Expeditions that spans over a week or more, Short Weekend Trails and City Tours which are usually one day outings.

Find events here: Unventured


Started off as a bicycle solution provider in Bangalore, now organises cycling events as well. They are also the biggest source of rental bicycle in Bangalore, being the owner of 100+ premium bicycles.

Find events here:

7. South Fire Cycling

Famous for their night city cycling trails, South Fire Cycling is a part of the South Fire Mobility. They also conducts corporate trips for recreational cycling.

8. Ride A Cycle Foundation

RACF, a non-profit organisation, promotes cycling as a mode of transport and helps the government to create infrastructure conducive to cycling. They organise the largest cycling event in India called 'The Tour of Nilgiris'. Now in its 9th edition, the tour spans through three states of South India: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Covering an area of 800+ kilometers, the trail goes through three wildlife sanctuaries of Nagarhole in Karnataka, Wayanad in Kerala and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu.

9. Bums On The Saddle

Bums on the Saddle is an online platform for all your cycling needs. Not exactly a cycling club but it's where like minded people and bicycles geeks connect.