YouTube 101 with TVF and ODF

By Vedant Khanduja
Posted on :
19 August 2016
Posted on :
19 August 2016

YouTube is the new-gen entertainment industry with people making a living out of it. Indian YouTube giants such as The Viral Fever(TVF), All India Bakchod, Old Delhi Films(ODF), etc. have the most subscribers and a large team to control their YouTube channel. They’ve been an inspiration for many youngsters in India. 1 out of every 5 urban Indian youth considers starting a YouTube channel having no direction of the idea. Keeping this in mind The Viral fever and Old Delhi Films organised a YouTube 101 (workshop towards making a successful YouTube channel) at Anti-Social, Hauz Khas Village on 14th August.

The Viral Fever aka TVF is an online digital entertainment channel. According to Arunabh Kumar, the founder of this creative network, the idea behind the launch of the network was to reach out to the younger generation who seldom watch television as a pastime or for entertainment.

Old Delhi Films (ODF) is Delhi's premier online entertainment channel, created by a bunch of crazy people with an idea to provide entertainment and create awareness. They have produced over 85 videos in 2 years.

These 2 channels are doing great in their segment and have gained a vast popularity in this growing media of YouTube. 

Aniket Jaiswal (one of the founders of ODF) talked about various genres of videos people want to produce, how they should get started with their idea and how they can take if forward. 

Here are a few pointers which we learned from the workshop:

1. 1. Ideas and Script are the most important factors. 

If you’re a newbie to YouTube, your audience won’t notice the way your video is shot or the work of the director. Your script writer should spend 6 months to write a script and it should get honest feedback from the whole team. What matters to the viewer is whether the video is engaging material with suitable sound. 

2. 2. Start with some mainstream/ trending humour

NEVER start with some dark content even if your idea matches that off Anurag Kashyap’s. The audience of dark humour in India remotely exist and major YouTube channels have already captured them. So, start with the trendy humour that everyone else is doing, it would get you an audience and once you have an audience you can show them what you like; And only the loyal ones will stay and you can ensure that many number of views every time.

3. 3. Have a compact team.

Coordinating with 3 others is way easy than co-ordinating with 13. Start with a small team of people who are not only ambitious or excellent in their field but also the thinking ability of all the members should match with one another.

4. 4. Sound is an important factor.

The vital part the audience notices is the sound. If you really want to make it a successful venture, you should invest in a good mic and also get a good music composer to keep the originality of the sounds you use. Or you could substitute it with music from YouTube open music library.

5. 5. Advertisements on the videos won’t make the money you’re expecting.

YouTubers don’t make enough money from the advertisements but they need money to maintain a team. So where do they get their money from? Answer is sponsorships! Brands like Myntra or Jabong make an offer to the YouTubers to add their brand in their videos and they would pay them for it. It’s difficult to add their brand in the existing script so the YouTubers have to stay really subtle about naming the brand so that they can make money without making changes in the script.

Are you one of those 5 youth who want to start a YouTube channel? Just Do it!  Keep in mind the above factors to an extent and just maintain originality. It would take a few many videos to build up a loyal appreciative audience, and eventually you will start to make money out of it. Well,  in the end that’s what really matters!

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Vedant Khanduja

An ambivert guy who's curious for the weirdest of the questions, one who likes to add humour into everything. Exploring my own self and always willing to learn a new skill.

An ambivert guy who's curious for the weirdest of the questions, one who likes to add humour into everything. Exploring my own self and always willing to learn a new skill.