Painting Classes In Bangalore

Posted on :
13 August 2016
Posted on :
13 August 2016

There is nothing more pleasing than Art itself. As Picasso once famously said "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". Art comes in various shapes, size, forms, medium and language. The one thing that connects all art forms is imagination and creativity. Painting is one of the many form of visual art. It has existed since Humans have existed. From the age of Hunter and Gatherers to modern ages, art as a mode of self expression has always maintained to survive through thick and thin. The first known instance of Painting is 60,000 years old in the rock-shelters of Arnhem Land in northern Australia. There are instances of cave paintings in mostly all over the world.

An Instance of Cave Painting

From cave paintings, the art of painting has transformed a lot in modern days. From being a mode of capturing accurate record of the observable world, it has become the mode of expressing oneself. Over time various wave of idea and philosophy has influenced painting, leaving some of its effects behind. Many pick up painting as a hobby, recreational and de-stressing activity or even as a profession. People wants to learn the fine art of painting, and when there is a need market provides for it. In modern days art classes have mushroomed in mostly all corner of every city. We have listed our picks on few of the best painting facilitators in Bangalore City.

Cafe Terrace At Night by Van Gogh (Dutch post-Impressionist Painter)

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1. Bloom & Grow

Founded by Carol Pinto in 2012, Bloom & Grow is a venue which holds myriad workshops on painting.  Workshops are also held at regular intervals by professional artists. Apart from being a venue of workshops, this place also functions as a creative co-working space for artists. Bloom & Grow strives to create an ambiance that encourages and nurtures creativity.

Find Events here : Art Workshops at Bloom & Grow

2. Studio Chhavi

Priyanka, an internationally renowned artist, is the founder of Studio Chhavi. She created this space for herself, as well as sharing the joy painting through regular classes. An alumni of San Francisco Art Institute, Priyanka herself conducts the art workshops. Regular classes are held for both adults and kids. There is a 6 month program that focuses on learning everything that concerns art.

Find events here: Studio Chhavi

3. Pencil And Chai - Fine Arts Gurukul

Founded in 2010 under the umbrella of Coloring India, Pencil & Chai is a school of art. They are unique as they conducts weekend classes in outdoor venues like Cubbon Park, and even out side Bangalore destinations like Nandi Hills, Pottery Town, Hampi etc. These are live painting and drawing classes, and taught by tutors who have graduated from world leading art colleges, and exhibits their works regularly.

Find Classes held here: Events By Pencil & Chai

A Typical Class held by Pencil & Chai

4. Enoteca by Madhuloka

Enoteca by Madhuloka is an exotic wine library and centre for wine education. And they hold an unique Art workshops at regular intervals. These workshops have a twist! It is a typical art workshop where you will be guided by an art instructor, step by step into creating a beautiful painting. And the twist comes in form of Wine tasting. As you paint, you will also be sipping fine wine and learning all about it.  By the end of the evening, you would have made new friends, tasted some amazing wine, and not to forget you would have made an exquisite piece of art all by yourself!

Find the Events here: Sip. Paint. And have Fun

5. Shades Creative Learning

Based in Koramangala Shades Creative Learning Centre is one of the premier art classes in the city. The centre believes in Art being an important part of a person's life and helps people develop awareness and growth of local arts community by offering painting classes and workshops.