Best ways to spend a day-off in Mumbai

Posted on :
12 August 2016
Posted on :
12 August 2016

Got a day off after a busy work week and need a little unwinding to get through? These are some of the best ways to be in the city and simply escape from the noise. All you need to do is escape traffic and get to these places.

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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Once known as the Borivali National Park, this was made one of the National Parks in 1974. Occupying about 25,600 acres of protected land in the city of Mumbai, this will make one of the best one day trips in Mumbai. You will be able to spot some wildlife and enjoy some time away from the cramped city while you are here. You will also get to see some Buddhist hand-cut caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

2. Juhu Beach

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Catch up on some lovely time, out at the Juhu beach because even the 100th time at the beach is still a great way to spend time. You could also try some local food from the stalls close by, especially Mumbai chaat and gola. Although Juhu beach gets crowded in the evenings, it's one of the popular spots to hangout over some great local food.

3. Pandavkada Falls

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The Pandavkada falls in the suburbs of Navi Mumbai, is a surprisingly great escapade in the city from all the city noise. This place is one of the popular one day trips in Mumbai. The scenic falls however might not be a great place for a swim according to the officials, however, it is one of the best picnic spots if you need an escape to some calm surroundings.

4. Hanging Gardens

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Forget the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mumbai has a well maintained, lovely Hanging Garden. You need not rush all the way outside the city to soak in the goodness of nature. Situated on the slopes of Malabar Hills in Mumbai, Hanging Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in the city. The garden gives an amazing sunset viewpoint, along with small eateries to pair a pleasant evening with.

5. Chota Kashmir Lake

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Chota Kashmir Lake is a beautiful spot for a day-out in the city. Tucked away in the quiet of Aarey Milk Colony, which is one of the very few modern milk colonies. While you're at the Chota Kashmir Lake, you could relax over some yummy sandwiches and also get on a boat ride on the lake.

6. Imagica

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In for a time of absolute fun for an entire day? Then Imagica is one of the best options. The water amusement park offers wide variety of fun rides and games to keep you occupied through the day. Some of the rides are a total fun mood setter, letting you shrug off some stress and enjoy the day at Imagica.