New Year Destinations Near Chennai for NYE 2019

Posted on :
24 December 2018
Posted on :
24 December 2018

This New Year, take a different route and plan for a getaway! There are several places to visit for New Year’s near Chennai, and one can make a long weekend getaway out of it. While Chennai will have its share of events and parties happening on New Year’s Eve, the destinations near it will also be organizing something special for New Year, and these experiences will be unique and different. We’ve rounded up some options for you which would make for great New Year destinations near Chennai.

New Year celebrations near Chennai is a great option, mostly owing to the places that are a short drive away from the city! One can spend their New Year by the beach or head to the hills for some peace and quiet, or even turn it into an adrenaline-filled one with adventure sports and activities. A New Year getaway may not be the most conventional route, but it surely is an interesting one, and these New Year destinations near Chennai promise to make your New Year’s an amazing experience.

Places to Visit near Chennai for New Year 2019

1. Hampi

The historic village Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful place to visit. Not only is it full of history and culture with the ruins of the Vijaynagar empire, but it also offers several other adventure activities which are truly unique and not common to other destinations. Head on over to Hampi and spend your New Year’s marvelling at the ruins and soaking in all the history and culture, or head on over to the other side of the village for some bouldering and cliff diving.

2. Gandigota

Gandigota in Andhra Pradesh is a destination for the adventure lovers and for those looking for an offbeat experience, This fort has been called the ‘Grand Canyon of India’, and the views from the gorge explain very well why it’s called just that. This 13th-century fort stands beside the Penna river and is surrounded by the Erramala hills. A New Year spent here will surely take your breath away!

3. Vagamon

Vagamon is a small hill-station in Kerala. For those who truly love to trod the unconventional path, then Vagamon is a great option! This destination is scenic and dotted with never-ending pine forests, evergreen meadows, gushing waterfalls, nature trails that lead to breathtaking views and so much more! Vagamon has been listed as one of the most attractive places to visit in India and it remains mostly untouched still. Head on over here for a very special New Year!

4. Ooty

Ooty is indeed a very pretty hill station. It is surrounded by green hills and valleys and lakes that sparkle. Your New Year’s here will be nothing short of serene and full of joy after taking in what Ooty has to offer. Start your New Year with your heart and soul full of warmth and happiness and head on over to Ooty. The hill-station will be alive with festivities to ring in the New Year and you would not want to miss it!

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