6 Spectacular One Day Trips from Bangalore

Posted on :
10 August 2016
Posted on :
10 August 2016

If not a weekend getaway, then a quick one day trip to unwind from a busy work week is definitely a great option. Bangalore is well situated to let you use your escape to one of these lovely places on a one day trip. A scene change, an outdoor activity, gorgeous views, time out in the wild and some fresh non-metro city air should help you gear up for the next round of 'busy'.

1. Bheemeshwari

Image Credits: flickr- Abhijeet Rane

If you are a wildlife lover or an avid birdwatcher, then Bheemeshwari is your best one day trip option. A scenic place with a lot of activities you can enjoy through the day. With interesting activities like fishing, boating, camping and even a bit of trekking, this scenic small town is one of the best off-beat ways to spend a day outside the city.

Distance: 105 Kilometers

2. Hogenakkal Falls

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One of the most beautiful picnic spots for a one day trip is the Hogenakkal Falls. Situated in Tamil Nadu and very close to Bangalore, this spot it where the river Cauvery splits into smaller streams and waterfalls. Also known as the 'Niagara of the East', Hogenakkal offers not just the view, but also scrumptious local cuisine that you would not want to miss out on. 

Distance: 60 Kilometers

3. Nandi Hills

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An early morning ride up Nandhi Hills to catch up on an early sunrise or a sunset could be the best way for a  one day unwinding experience. A drive or ride to Nandhi Hills is in itself a great experience. Situated right outside the city, away from all the hustle bustle, Nandi Hills gives you a perfect getaway. All though it might seem a little crowded during the weekends, with everyone trying to get away from the city, the early morning sunrise or a lovely sunset is worth getting up there.

Distance: 150 Kilometers

4. Bannerghatta National Park

Image Credits: Flickr - Senthil Kumar

Declared as one of the National Parks in the country, the 25,000 acre park is a heaven, hosting different sections of wildlife maintenance. There is a Children's Park, a museum, a butterfly park that stretches to about 7 acres, a zoo, an aquarium, a crocodile park and a safari park. A day of excitement at Bannerghatta National Park, giving it an absolute 'into the wild' spin, wouldn't amount to a day spent stuck in the city. 

Distance: 40 Kilometers 

5. Chikballapura

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Chikballapura is one of the most loveliest escapade for a day away from the city. Perched between five hills, this place is great for trekking and exploring the hills. There are also some interesting rock climbing activities that you can try your hands on while you are there. 

Distance: 59 Kilometers 

6. Hassan

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History buffs looking out to spot some old architecture and beautiful monuments will definitely find Hassan to be one of their favourite stops for a one day getaway. One of the most important attractions here at Hassan, apart from the scenic village that it is, is the Rosary Church at Shettihalli. This church from the 1860's has one of the very surprising features. The church is submerged underwater when the Hemavathy reservoir has a heavy flow and only visible when it is low. This spot has become one of the most popular tourist attractions too. 

Distance: 187 Kilometers