Epic Summer Camp Fun Near You - Mumbai 2018

Posted on :
13 April 2018
Posted on :
13 April 2018

We have the perfect summer camps to keep the kids entertained this summer and to keep them off the sunny traffic and roads. Check out these camps that are very much near you.


Summer Camps in Andheri

1. Taekwondo - Martial Arts Camp

The workshop is focusing on enhancing Taekwondo skills of an athlete. A 15 days training camp will help to improve the techniques and implementation while also helping with physical coordination, flexibility, balance and more of the Korean Martial Art. Athletes will be certified after successful completion of the training.

When: 16th - 30th April

Where: Natraj Hall, Andheri West.

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2. Summer Camp at Little Monsters Indoor Play Area

15 days of fun for kids between 3 - 11 years of age. Activities including snow-globe making, slime making, mosaic art, sun painting and more to let the kids explore, learn and master various kinds of art. The perfect way to let kids unwind and enjoy as they nurture their creative side.

When: 30th Apr - 18th May

Where: Little Monsters Indoor Play Area

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Summer Camp in Goregaon

3. Robotics Workshop

Robotics workshop on Quadcopters in Mumbai. This workshop is in collaboration with Testing Campus Infotech Mumbai. The perfect tech camp for ages 12 and above. The participants will learn about the Arduino Nano, transmitter communication process, building and flying a quadcopter and more. This is also a certification camp. 

When: 21st & 22nd Apr.

Where: Testing Campus Infotech.

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Summer Camp at Juhu

4. Robotron Level 1

Kids get an introduction to the mechanics and the design of robots. They also get to develop dynamic models, derive controllers, and synthesize planners for operating in three dimensional environments. They will also be exposed to the challenges of using various sensors for localization and maneuvering in complex environments.

When: 14th -27th April

Where: Juhu

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Summer Camp at Dadar

5. Explore the Entrepreneur in you

The program is designed with an concept of venture building  and learning business  components around it like finance, marketing, branding, etc.  The focus will be to train kids to face the challenges of tomorrow in their career, whether they do a job or business, they become doctor or lawyer or an artist. The sessions will be a fun way of learning for kids and they get an experiential, hands on learning.

When: 24th - 28th April.

Where: Shishuvan School

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