Super Interesting Summer Camps Near You - Bangalore 2018

Posted on :
27 March 2018
Posted on :
27 March 2018

Whats better than an interesting summer camp? The fact that the kids don't have to go too far to be there and have a fun time. So here are the best summer camps that are going to be so near that the kids don't have to travel the entire city under the Bangalore sun.


Summer Camps in Koramangala

1. Robotics with LEGO

The sessions will help kids develop their problem-solving skills, collaboration, team-building, creativity and communication. The Construction Kit is a robotics tool that will let them design interactive machines and help them build an interest to program them. Kids will be trained to work on team based projects & large Lego models to keep their innovative ideas active.

When: 2nd - 6th April

Where: Lahe Lahe, Koramangala

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2. Summer Camp Junior

As the name suggests, the camp will focus on age group between 3 and 5 years of age. They will be helped to engage in various activities like Art & Craft, Clay Modeling, Water play, Music & Dance, Pottery, Storytelling etc. They will be able to explore their interests and master the art that they like.

When: 2nd - 27th April

Where: StepUp Care

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Summer Camps in Indiranagar

3. Creative Summer Camp - Lahe Lahe

Get the kids geared up for an exciting five day creative summer camp experience. Every session will hold a stream of interest that the kids can explore and learn about. There will be Theatre Workshop, Games, Art, Dance and Pottery Workshop. Kids will be let to explore their own creativity along all these interests, they will also get to make new friends and be social.

When: 9th - 13th April

Where: Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

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4. Spirit of Dance - Summer Festival

Here's where kids can explore and master the art of dance! LVDS is here with an amazing summer session for kids to learn all about the art of dance. The camp will focus on kids between 4 - 14 years of age. There are going to be interesting sessions that the kids will enjoy while at it.

When: 9th April - 4th May

Where: LVDS, Indiranagar

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Summer Camps in Jayanagar

5. Craftmela for Kids - Bubble Room

Kids of 7 years and above can enroll in this creative workshop which will happen over a period of two weeks. They will get to learn to make beautiful terrariums, mandalas, paper stencils, packaging units, pendants, paper mosaic, string art & mixed media projects. The goal is to nurture the interest in crafts and handmade stuff in kids.

When: 10th - 13th April

Where: The Bubble Room

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6. Art of Living & Yoga - Kids

Enerjuvate with Jyoti Mandela is conducting an Art of Living and Yoga workshop for kids this summer. The program is totally aimed at holistic development of the children with a focus on healthy body and mind. Get ready to let the kids experience fun and enriching sessions with one of the best in town!

When: Starting 16th April

Where: EnerJuvate Health Studio & Cafe

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Summer Camps in HSR Layout

7. Origami - Summer 2018

Here's a fun and interesting kind of art that kids can easily master this summer. The Art of Paper Folding that lets them Make complex models, develop spatial and logical thinking. The camp will focus on ages 7 and above. Kids will get to learn to design fun things using paper. There are also more art workshops happening that you can check out.

When: 14th -17th May

Where: Shiny Colors Fine Art Classes, HSR Layout

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8. Junior Bakers - Konsult Art

Perfect for children as young as 3 years all the way up to 17 years old, Konsult Art is here with some fun baking sessions for kids. There are other Art Workshops that this Summer Camp will focus on, depending on the interests of the kids. Kids will be able to express themselves in entirely new ways, or to refine their existing skillset with expert guidance from qualified educators who are talented artists in their own right.

When: Starting 9th April

Where: Konsult Art & Design Academy

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Summer Camps in Whitefield

9. Lego Summer Camp at Prestige

At the LEGO workshop, kids will develop their problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication skills. The simple robotics tool and kit allows children to design interactive machines and program them. There will also be community build when kids theme based projects & large Lego models.

When: 21st - 25th May

Where: Near ITPL.

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10. Science Summer Camp at ITPL

ScienceUtsav brings in the ultimate STEM Summer Camp which will provide the perfect nourishment with the modern concept of STEM education to enhance your kid’s approach towards Science. Get introduced to Electronics and build your own circuit, hands on learning and understanding Robotics commands and moving the robot giving commands using ROBOGURU software. This is going to be one of the most interesting sessions for the kids to get a first hand experience of fun learning.

When: Starting 2nd April

Where: Uni Learning Campus

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Summer Camps in Electronic City

11. Summer Robo Workshop

Make this summer fun for kids as they learn about building their favourite Robot using QtPi Robotics building blocks. QtPi Robotics is into space of building ecosystem for children/kids to build robotic projects. There will be introduction sessions to Design, software and electronics for the kids to know and to explore interests along those streams. Kids will also receive a certificate of participation at the end odf the camp. 

When: Starting 2nd April

Where: QtPi Robotics, Electronic City

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