Epic Fun Summer Camps in Chennai - 2018

Posted on :
19 March 2018
Posted on :
19 March 2018

Gather up Chennai, because we have the best summer camps that your kids can have great fun at. It could be the perfect way to keep them occupied and away from the sun. Or even if they were they'd be learning a hint of adventure and fun in an epic way!

1. Summer STEM Workshop for Kids

The workshops will have interactive ways of learning and exploring. There will be 2 STEM Projects that they get to take home too. Children will be engaged in lots of fun and scientific activities which will kindle the STEM knowledge. They will get to enjoy working with innovative ideas, fundamentals that will also help them be creative.

When: 1st - 15th April

Where: The Cocoon Learning Center.

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2. The Nonsense Science Camp

Here is the best way to give kids time and space to explore their problem solving skills and nurture it by helping them build prototypes around ideas. The science camp is going to be loaded with fun to make sure they understand and enjoy science concepts. They will also be let to test them out and even take them home.

When: 24th March

Where: JustBooks Anna Nagar.

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3. Kids Summer Beach Camping

This summer camp for kids is going to be practically off the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school. The kids at the beach camp will enjoy the carefree living style relaxing, playing, socializing and will be staying as close to nature as possible. They will be taught the basics of camping, pitching tents, setting up their tents etc. What's more! There will be interactive storytelling around campfire by an expert story teller and some star gazing too.

When: 21st & 22nd April

Where: Kovalam

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4. Doodle Caboodle

The kids will get to learn the fun art of doodling. As studies say, the art improves memory, relieves stress, helps with creativity and has a whole fun ring to it for a hobby too.

When: 28th - 29th March

Where: Nungambakkam

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5. Bunk on the Beach

Enjoy a Beach Campout, a relaxing night out with friends, family & kids. You would be camping out on the beach, with campfire, dine by the beach, count stars & have a great time with your loved ones. Listen to your favorite music as you lay on the beach or grab a book with some coffee or just relax & gaze at the sea and the sky.

When: 31st March - 1st April

Where: Covelong Beach

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