Hit These Most Happening Places For A Mind Blowing Party in Delhi

Posted on :
31 January 2018
Posted on :
31 January 2018

If you haven't been to these thumping party places in Delhi, then it's high time you start planning with your squad! Delhi is known for it's weekend culture be it party, getaways, trips or even a casual hangout. With the umpteen number of options for you to explore party scenes, you need to pick out the right places to be at. We're here with a list of pubs and clubs if you are looking for a party that's no less than 'Mind=Blown' standards!

1. RSVP The Night Club

Image Credits: Facebook - RSVP The Night Club

If you are a hardcore party lover then this is the place you need to be at. The club hosts some of the most happening parties in the city featuring the best DJ's in town. As one of the very few pubs that are open into the wee hours of night and even upto mornings most times. This is one of the perfect places if you are looking for an after party to enjoy at!

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2. Hard Rock Cafe

Image Credits: Facebook - Hard Rock Cafe

Setting party trends across the country, Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most popular party spots in the city. The place hosts umpteen live shows with quality music and scrumptious food to go with it. As if these aren't enough to call this place an awesome party, the ambiance sets anyone on a party mood.

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3. Pomelos Cafe Bar

Image Credits: Facebook - Pamelos Cafe Bar

Quirky ambiance, scrumptious food, groovy music, Pomelos is practically your cozy, comfort zone coming to life! Definitely the perfect spot to unwind at if you are looking to take some steam off a stressed work week. The venue also hosts some fun DJ, Live Music nights, including painting events you can unwind at.

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4. Junkyard Cafe

Image Credits: Facebook - Junkyard Cafe

The ambiance sets you on a super fun mode, the decors are made out of junk very creatively put. Junkyard is one of the best places in the city for Cocktails and the bar is well stocked as well. You might want to get your hands on the 'Edison Bulb', one of the must try cocktails on their menu.

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5. Tales & Spirits

Image Credits: Facebook - Tales & Spirits

If you are looking for a party that is light on the pocket but lets you enjoy a thumping party night, the Tales & Spirits is where you need to be. The place has a great party vibe in the air with great drinks on the menu and foot-tapping music adding to it. Try out their great picks on interesting cocktails.

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6. Lord of the Drinks

Image Credits: Facebook - Lord of The Drinks

Lord of the Drinks is one of the most popular and happening pubs in the city. With every bit of awesomeness as it is known for, the place truly sets standards for a party experience! The GoT throne is a highlight for all you fans out there. The ambiance, the food and the tastefully picked cocktail mixes totally lets you have a great time. A place that should be on your 'must' list if you are a party lover.

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7. Hauz Khas Social

Image Credits: Facebook - Hauz Khas Social

The place is constantly buzzing with a fun a party crowd. Stunner ambiance, a lake view to soothe the experience, the food and a great choice of drinks on the menu, the place is perfect value for money. Get your hands on some Stoofani Paneer while you're here, it's of on the definite 'must's. Enjoy the one of a kind party experience in the city at Hauz Khas. The place also hosts some great events apart from the thumping parties.

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8. Turquoise Cottage

Image Credits: Facebook - Turquoise Cottage

Whimsical interiors sets the charm to this place. The groovy music and classy ambiance lets you savor every bit of your experience with the finest picks here. To top it of is the lip-smacking food and great choice of drinks. Booster is a must try while you are here. The place also hosts comedy events, Karaoke nights, Ladies Nights and live music if you are looking to enjoy with your squad.

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