Bangalore DJs Who Are Changing The Face Of Clubbing Circuit

Posted on :
5 August 2016
Posted on :
5 August 2016

Bangalore is used to different kinds of artists performing and wooing the audiences with their music. Be it rock bands or hip-hop artists, the nightlife here has seen both Indian and international artists set the stage ablaze. But if there is one thing that every party in Bangalore hopes for, is a DJ or EDM artist. The mixers of our generation have produced some funky sounds that can liven any kind of celebration. Here are 10 DJs (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) from Bangalore that have changed the face of Bangalore's clubbing circuit and will soon be making waves in the global party circuit. 

1. DJ Hemanth

Credits- DJ Hemanth

This upcoming mixer developed a passion for music at a young age and has already made a name for himself in the Bangalore nightlife circuit. The part crowd of Bangalore loves this DJs ability to help them let loose and forget about their worries. 

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2. DJ Nash

Credits- DJ Nash

Bringing his Nashty Sessions to wherever he performs, DJ Nash provides the whole party package. With over 12 years of experience, DJ Nash offers both audio and video magic to the nocturnal party animals of Bangalore. His recent venture, Nashty TV, provides a memorable audio-visual experience, has become a brand name in the local clubbing circuit. 

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3. DJ Vishnu

Credits- DJ Vishnu

With over 15 years of experience in techno, house, RnB and hip-hop, DJ Vishnu loves to add some spice to his music with his unique beats. The artist has worked with the renowned mixer, DJ Suketu, and now headlines in some of the biggest clubs in India. 

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Credits- MONK

The young DJ started creating tunes on computers at the tender age of 16, began his career in electronic music in 2013 and has already performed at some of the most popular names in the Bangalore party circuit. 

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5. DJ Jasmeet

Credits- DJ Jasmeet

A product of Christ College, DJ Jasmeet is one of the fortunate ones who got to work in a field he was passionate about. The DJ can cover all kinds of events ranging from a informal wedding function to formal corporate parties. His unique sound comes from his knack of experimenting with different tunes and beats. 

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6. DJ Rislyn

Credits- DJ Rislyn

Rislyn started DJing while she was studying in college. Her time spent juggling studies and work with combined with her dedication to achieve her dream has resulted in DJ Rislyn becoming one of the most sought after name in the clubbing circuit of Bangalore. The DJ plans to keep growing in her craft and enter the world of music production.

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7. Rohit Barker

Credits- Rohit Barker

One of the most popular names in Bangalore, this artist has experience as an RJ, VJ and a DJ. Though he still continues to lend his voice to the radio, Rohit Barker can be found at some of the biggest events and music festivals. He entertains his fans both on-air as an RJ and off-air as a talented DJ. 

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8. DJ Hussain

Credits- DJ Hussain

Using his unique style to mix club sounds with desi beats, DJ Hussain is known for his mixes of Bollywood music. His stints at international party arenas has earned him the reputation of one of the most upcoming DJs from India.

9. Mr. Doss

Credits- Mr. Doss

Working with genres like trap, twerk, moombahton etc. Mr. Doss get's an edge over other young DJs competing with him and has a scope for introducing new sounds to the Indian music fans. The young artist shows a promising career as he has already achieved a lot for someone his age. His track Get Rowdy which was made in collaboration with ViceVersa was picked up by VH1 India. 

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10. Vachan Chinnappa

Credits- Vachan Chinnappa

The man who introduced the music fans of Bangalore to DnB music, Vachan Chinnappa has worked many different genres and has currently plays with elements of dubstep. The DJ mixes aspects of all the genres he has worked with so far and that makes his music distinct and enjoyable for audiences everywhere. 

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