Top Pubs in Chennai

Posted on :
7 November 2017
Posted on :
7 November 2017

Chennai is known for its coastal charm, colonial past and cultural vibes.  The city is now shedding its traditional avatar and opening its shores for fun after sundown. Checkout the Top Pubs that add zing to the Parties in Chennai.

1. 10 Downing Street 

Chain of British pubs offering Western fare & cocktails, plus DJs & a wide range of theme nights. This place would Top the list every time as their popularity with the youngsters is still going strong over the years. Their lunch combos and cocktails are way too good!

Events at 10 Downing Street

2. Radio Room 

Radio room is Chennai’s hot spot for people with a love for “all things good”. Enjoy delicious creations from both the bar and kitchen as you groove to timeless classics playing in the background. They ooze 80s nostalgia and their dance floor is the place to be.

Events at Radio Room

3. Sudaka 

Sudaka the South American Resto Bar educates you and transports you to South America, with their colourful ambiance and Latin American cuisine. The bartender (who insists she be called a Barmaid) mixes some heavenly concoctions.

Events at Sudaka

4. Moon and Six Pence 

An Irish themes pub that the beer lover in your would cheer! Named after the well read book by Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence serves great short-eats and a super Sunday Brunch. They regularly host awesome live bands.

Events at The Moon and Six Pence

5.  Big Bang Theory 

This pub that shares its name with a popular TV sitcom has quirky ambiance makes ups the cool quotient of this geeky bar (walls with maths equations for one). Their food treats your taste buds seriously and the drinks hit the right spot.

Events at Big Bang Theory

6. Secret Society 

Secret Society is Chennai's first speakeasy style cocktail bar with incredibly skilled bartenders who are friendly and fun. And it’s a well known secret that this place has plenty on their menu to try, experiment and enjoy. 

Events at Secret Society

7. The Velveteen Rabbit

Unwind with a perfect glass of wine and fine food at this lounge bar. The cocktails have been specially and the snack menu is a delicious mix of Italian, Mediterranean and French finger foods. A variety of live programs make for interesting evenings.

Events at The Velveteen Rabbit

8. Sera, The Tapas Bar 

Zara previously, but the name change hasn’t affected the loyal following of this Spanish-style tavern with an extensive Tapas Menu. Grab their weekday 4 course lunch deal or have a chilled evening with their brilliant cocktails.

Events at Sera, The Tapas Bar

9. The Vault Bar Stock Exchange

Enjoy your evening while still trading... but for drinks! The prices of the drinks go high or low on the ticker as per the demand. Taste and prices on their finger foods remain constant.

Events at The Vault Bar Stock Exchange

10. M’bessy 

Mbessy is an uber cool hangout for the new millennial- people who don’t necessarily like logic, but strive for chaos, discovery & excitement! Located near the beach, their ambiance is sophisticated, food and drinks are classy & amazing. You’ll get a dose of EDM too.

Events at M'bessy


What’s tnot there to love in a beach facing bar? BOATS (Based On A True Story) is the place to chilll with a beer and enjoy their crowd favourite menu. The Midweek Special DJ nights and themes parties are quite the rage at this resto-bar. Follow-up with a stroll on the beach.

Events at BOATS

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