Team Events High Picks Music That Every Music Lover Should've Listened To Atleast Once!

Posted on :
21 June 2017
Posted on :
21 June 2017

One thing about working with a dynamic team is that you get to learn a lot more than you expect to. Starting with understanding different perspectives on life issues to being able to discover unique music to add to your playlist, everything becomes interesting.  That’s when you know you’re with the right people.

There have been mornings when we’d all walk into office, to an orchestra on loud speakers, setting the day on a serious fun vibe. There have been days when we’d walk into some soothing Karnatic music or a popular song to which all of us end up singing along. Overall, this fun and focused team has been a great positive influence on each other. We love travelling, indulging in some yummy food, funny work jokes, laughing about mishaps and sharing a whole lot of music!

If not huge life perspectives, we would like to contribute to your playlist this World Music Day. We’re here with a list of tasteful music that we think should be a part of your playlist at least once.

"I think everyone must listen to Michael Nyman atleast once. Nyman epitomizes minimalism by bringing out the melody out using such simple notes. Also, he is immensely versatile, his slow pieces are as touching as his heavy ones", says

Arvind, our Co-Founder. He has some great music collection that the entire office keeps eyeing. You can listen to few of Nyman right below.

Soundtracks to get an idea of Nyman's range - 

Sujata Garera, our tech genius says, "There is quite a bit of innovation in Rahaman's music and he combines different styles and genres so melodiously. My personal favorites are Rang De Basanti - Lukka Chuppi and Roja, Yeh Haseen Vaadiya". To be honest, there was a point where the entire team was just soaking up all the possible 'Coke Studio Sessions' throughout the day.

Abhishek, our Co-Founder says, "Barring few, most of today's music is as hollow as the concept of unicorn itself. Looks glamorous and shiny from the outside, but with no real matter in them. True music is the perfect blend of original tune along with sensible lyrics, a rare combo in the current generation but ample in the 70s and 80s.I think every music lover should experience Classical Rock from the 70s and 80s." Well, we totally second that, music from then were more of life than anything these days. If you are looking for something to kick start with, Abhishek suggests 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles and Walk of Life by Dire Straits'

Prashant, from the Sales Team, is one of the most enthusiastic music freaks and a musician himself. "Pearl Jam is one band that everyone should have listened to atleast once. With great band chemistry, rock solid line up, strong poetry and Eddie Vedder's charisma as the front man, this band sweeps crowds off their feet with their music. It doesn't matter if they are playing at the Madison Square or in front of 100 people, they still put up the same show and one of the best live grunge bands ever to go in the history of Rock N Roll." he says.

Here's a Pearl Jam track Prashant suggests :

Now that you know, what are you waiting for? Get started on a new playlist and don't stop exploring music. Happy World Music Day from Team Events High!

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