Here's How to Ace Your PMP Exam From PMI USA Through OrgaNICEpro!

Posted on :
16 May 2017
Posted on :
16 May 2017

One of the main reasons the IT companies are keen on their layoffs is that they are focused on keeping employees who have upgraded global credentials. This requires a lot of work, especially with taking up courses and exams that help with the keeping yourself updated. The best way to make sure your job is secure while your skills are also updated, is to be able to self-equip through related courses. 

One of the best ways towards a recession proof career is to be able to enroll with some of the career growth courses. This is going to be a step by step learning process that will let you understand the recent trends and with getting geared up towards a better growth. This in turn lets you upgrade your credentials on a global platform. 

When: 26th - 28th May

Where: Manyata Tech Park

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1. Key Takeaways

  •   Complete knowledge of PMBOK Version 5

  •   Guidance on 'How to fill up the application form'

  •   32 contact hours which the participants can use while applying for PMP certification.

  •   Mock Exam Preparation questions and guidance.

  •   Online doubt clarification support

  •   - Reference material and recommendations.

2. What To Expect?

The course covers the complete PMBOK version 5.0, the ten knowledge areas, five process groups and the 47 processes. There are going to be interesting sessions that will let you understand the various aspects in your career growth.

1. There will be sessions on the PMP exam from Project management institute, USA

2. There will be expert advice to prepare for the PMP exam

3. Sessions on how to get the best out of this course

4. A briefing on all key definitions required with free tips to crack this exam with ease.

5. More about organizational influences and project life cycle

There will also be detailed training on all the following:

  • Project management processes

  • Initiating a project formally

  • Planning a project

  • Executing the project

  • Monitoring and controlling the project

  • Formally closing the project or a phase

When: 26th - 28th May

Where: Manyata Tech Park

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