Here's why you cannot miss the long awaited Zonovotion Camp - For The First Time In India!

Posted on :
11 May 2017
Posted on :
11 May 2017

Want to go viral with your business ideas and make it a dream come true? All you need is this stunning platform that Zonopact Innovation Lab offers to aspiring businessmen.

Dream is something everyone has but a very few make it a reality. Now the obvious question is 'why'? The actual answer to is that, people dare to dream but do not dare to follow it. While there might be various other reasons, most often it seems to be the missing platform.

People don't find the right place to launch their dream where it can be nurtured and made come alive. This is why Zonopact Innovation Lab has emerged, to give the individuals platform to nurture their dream.

Zonopact Innovation Lab, also known as ZLab, is an excellent incubator for aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs and dreamers to become a reality of tomorrow. With ZLab’s headquarters in Boston and established members including investors like Shark Tank’s celebrity Kevin Harrington joining, Zonopact, Inc. is helping Indian entrepreneurs and aspiring innovators to reach the global market.

ZLab is all set to be hosting its first level camp “Camp Zonovation Level 1” on 13th and 14th May in South Delhi. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, which may transform you from an aspiring innovator to a big innovator of tomorrow.

This is a two-day hands-on program packed with brainstorming, idea generation, problem solving and prototyping.

When: 13th & 14th May

Where: K.R. Mangalam World School

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