Groovy Dance Floors in Bangalore - Go Grab Your Dancing Shoes!

Posted on :
27 April 2017
Posted on :
27 April 2017

Bangalore has some of the best spots dance lovers can get to, to get off their dance cravings. Even if the crowd isn't looking to dance, there are a few dance floors that one can't resist. These are the places you need to be at if you've already gotten your dancing shoes on, if you haven't, we think you should grab them!

1. Skyye Bar, UB City

As on of the most popular party spots in the city, Skyye's dance floor has seen the best of Bangalore's nightlife crowd. With some of the best DJ's setting the tone for party nights and at a 16th Floor height, the dance floor gets anyone to groove in no time!

2. Sutra Lounge, Lalit Ashok

Lalit Ashok hosts some of the most happening parties in town. Their party palce, Sutra has all the factors that would easily set the crowd on a fun vibe in no time. The DJ's to make it more fun, get the crowd to go on a non-stop dance spree on the dance floor. 

3. No Limmts Pub

No Limmits hosts some of the best Salsa socials in town. With salsa lovers and in general dance lovers filling up the space during weekends, the place shows a good time! The crowd never seems to get enough fun, dancing through the night!

4. Pebble Lounge

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Pebble Lounge is one of the perfect spots to party if you've got a truck load on your mind. Under a tree, out in the open and DJ's setting the crowd on a groove would definitely be too much to even try and avoid. Get on that dance floor and dance under the sky!

5. Loft 38

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The massive roofed Loft 38 only makes you feel like you can dance your heart out and still feel perfectly in place! With some of the best parties through the week, enjoy the ambiance and being a part of one of the massive dance floors in town.

6. Ice Bar

Image Credits: Ice Bar -

If you are looking to unwind, let your hair down and dance wild, Ice-Vivanta is the place to be. With some of the best DJ's in town behind the sound console at the parties here, this of the most happening pubs in the city. 

7. Sanctum Club

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Sanctum Club's parties are loaded with great music & a super fun crowd. With a very inviting dance floor, the ambiance just adds to the dance vibe. Sanctum totally lets the crowd relax and to simply enjoy beats. To top it off, they have some surprising offers every now and then.

8. Sugar Factory

Image Credits: The Sugar

Sugar Factory is one of the popular party hubs in town. With some of the best parties that keeps the crowd entertained, their dance nights are just a step ahead of awesomeness. With some of the well known DJ's being a frequent here, the crowd get to enjoy being on the dance floor!

9. The Warehouse

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The Warehouse has one of the most fun dance floors in the city. With DJ's getting the crowd on their feet with some super fun music, the place is usually flooded with people who love to get on the dance floor & dancing the night away.

10. Indigo Live

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Indigo Live Music Bar hosts some of the super fun events in the city. Starting with Latin Fusion Nights to Bollywood beats, they cover it all! With great ambiance and at one of the happening parts of the city, there can't be a better place to be at for a fun dance night!

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