A Reflection through Paintings: 'The Circle of Life' by Ashu Gupta

By Usha Hariprasad
Posted on :
19 January 2017
Posted on :
19 January 2017

Diversity, Illusion, Balance, Focus, Tranquillity-so goes the names of the series of paintings created by Ashu Gupta. The pen-and-ink collection by this interior designer trained at NFID represents different philosophies, each very intense, conveying an important message on life, balance, emotions. The collection of paintings 'Circle of Life' displayed at the Sublime Galleria depicts the enormous thought that has gone behind the artwork and the artist’s reflections on life. The paintings showcased are the work of the artist for more than a year. 

Learning about life from the Paintings: 

The painting ‘Light’ and ‘Balance’ was all about striking the right balance in life. It depicted glaciers that melt and water getting added to the oceans year after year- any shift in this delicate balance will affect life eventually. The ‘Tranquillity’ depicted waves and communicated the message of leaving behind the past and moving on. The ‘Focus’ talked about attaining peace and calm even when the emotions are myriad. 

While the ‘Shades’ was about understanding our darker side and moving towards the brighter side, the ‘Flow’ was about creating our own path just like the water and making the journey count more than the destination. The ‘Diversity’ was a collection of four paintings each depicting the branches of the tree. The ‘Life’ was another artwork that depicted two pieces of work. It showcased the importance of other people in our life. Friends, relatives, teachers each in their own way contribute to the growth of an individual’s personality. While some like the ‘Summit’ conveyed the importance of goals in life, some others like the ‘Bloom’ revealed the importance of colours in life that are responsible for bringing a smile to our faces. 

Delving Deeper: 

There were some paintings that made you reflect. The painting ‘Illusion’ was one such work that made you realize that to truly understand ourselves we need to delve deeper. The autumn leaf in the Embrace the Change artwork encouraged you to be present and adapt as you move forward. 

The Medium: 

Though Ashu Gupta has been trained on various mediums, most of the work displayed here was pen-and-ink on canvas. Some of them were on wood paper and some were mixed media on paper. 

Each of the paintings is of different dimensions ranging from 12 * 12 inches to 36*36 inches and some to 48*24 and available for purchase. The paintings are on display at the Sublime Galleria, UB City until 4 Feb 2017 

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Usha Hariprasad

I am Usha , an Engineer turned freelance writer residing in Bangalore. I blog about heritage and sustainability topics.

I am Usha , an Engineer turned freelance writer residing in Bangalore. I blog about heritage and sustainability topics.