Best Places To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Bangalore

Posted on :
18 January 2017
Posted on :
18 January 2017

Valentine's day is just a couple of weeks away and now might be the best time for you to start planning a romantic date with your loved one. Be it a healthy breakfast in the morning, a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner date, Bangalore has places that can offer it all along with several luxurious amenities. Start saving up and planning your date for 14th February as some of these places might demand more than other places money wise, but we guarantee your experience will be worth every single penny. 

Here are some of the best pubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts in Bangalore for a perfect Valentine's day. 

1. 153 Biere Street

Considered to be one of the most romantic spots in the city, 153 Biere Street is everything you can ask for in a romantic outing packed in a quaint little street. 

Credits - 153 Biere Street

Designed to look like a European town, the beautiful layout boasts a restaurant, the famous Biere Club and a small terrace garden for the perfect Valentine's day dining experience. 

Credits - 153 Biere Street

2. The Tao Terraces

A rooftop high end restaurant that takes you on a culinary journey through the lounges of Thailand, creates a peaceful environment for anyone who wishes to dine in peace and tranquility.

Credits- Tao Terraces

If you wish to relish the delicacies of cuisines like Thai, Korean, Japanese and Chinese flavours, this rooftop restaurant is the place to be. 

Credits- Tao Terraces

3. Om Made Cafe

A quiet rooftop cafe for the perfect way to begin your Valentine's day with the morning breakfast. The delicious food is complimented by the elegant decor and an amazing view to make your dining experience even more special. 

Credits- Om Made Cafe

We recommend trying their delicious breakfast at dawn to get the perfect setting for a date. 

Credits- Om Made Cafe

4. Big Brewsky

An open air space that entertains you all year long with a variety of events is another place to celebrate Valentine's day with your partner.

Credits- Big Brewsky

The freshly brewed beer along with a spread of sumptuous meals can be enjoyed while you overlook the water filled with exotic fishes.


Credits- Big Brewsky

5. The Glass House

If you wish to spend some time away from the bustling life of Bangalore but cannot afford to travel the distance, then this European restaurant surrounded by plus greenery is your spot in the city. 

Credits- The Glass House

A candle lit dinner, soothing music playing to liven the environment and delicious food made from locally sourced organic ingredients and a bar offering amazing cocktails all for you and your loved one. 

Credits- The Glass House

6. Bricklane

A panoramic view of the city, live grill, cocktails that pamper your taste buds and food specially made to make your dining special; that is just a brief idea of what you can expect from Bricklane. 

Credits- Bricklane 

The restaurant is located in the rooftop of Escape Hotel and Spa overlooking the pool and makes for another viable option to celebrate Valentine's day in Bangalore.

Credits- Bricklane 

If you wish to indulge in a little luxury and are looking for something more than a dining experience, here are some luxurious hotels and resorts in Bangalore, you can visit this Valentine's day. 

7. Taj Westend

Spread across 20 acres of plush greenery, this 5 star hotel mixes heritage with luxury perfectly to give you a stay experience that will take your idea of a romantic day to a whole new level. 

Credits- Taj Westend

Included in the luxurious amenities are the delicious food prepared in their restaurants, a relaxing message in their renowned spa and the perfect Valentine's day dinner date at their Tulip Gazebo. 

Credits- Taj Westend

8. Jade 375

A resort designed to enthrall you with its decor and ambiance, Jade 375 offers luxury in style that can make your Valentine's day in Bangalore perfect. The resort boasts a private pool, a temperature controlled Jacuzzi, mouth-watering treats in their menu and rooms that indulge in every aspect of luxury. 

Credits- Jade 375

For the lovers of health and well-being, the resort offers relaxing massages and yoga rooms for rejuvenation. 

Credits- Jade 375

9. Guhantara Resort

Delicious food, high end liquor, spa therapy and other luxurious amenities that can be found in any luxury hotel or resort. So what makes this particular place stand apart? It is India's first underground resort.

Credits- Guhantara Resort

After you have indulged in a little luxury, you can let out the adventure lover in you with activities like tunnel trekking, bicycle riding, horse riding, quad bike riding and much more.  

10. The Leela Palace Hotel

A modern palace hotel that marvels in luxury and beauty, The Leela Palace is easy to locate and always has something special for its guests. 

Credits- The Leela Palace

From spacious rooms to make your stay as comfortable as possible, to some of the best luxury restaurants in Bangalore that pamper your taste buds with every single bite, to romantic dining experiences you can hope in a 5 star hotel; this is just a glimpse of what you can expect from The Leela Palace.  

Credits- The Leela Palace

11. Golden Palms Hotel and Spa

Apart from the facts that it has one of the biggest spas and swimming pools in the city, The Golden Palm has some of the best rejuvenation services and options one can hope to find in a busy city like Bangalore.

Credits- Golden Palms Hotel and Spa

Checkout the hotel's special packages for the guests designed to make them feel as comfortable and pampered as possible.   

Credits- Golden Palms Hotel and Spa