Disguised In Dance : Capoeira Workshop

By Shahram Janahi
Posted on :
2 December 2016
Posted on :
2 December 2016

The essence of any ancient art is it’s propagation through the ages. Capoeira is a martial art form that has developed from a tool of survival into a cultural identity.

Lahe Lahe organised a Capoeira Workshop this past week at Indira Nagar. Lahe Lahe is a not-for-profit community platform and roof-top expression space. Their aim is to build a community with a platform to express yourself whether it’s music, art, movement or literature.


The workshop was facilitated by Sharath who has been learning Capoeira for over 6 years. He has conducted workshops at Shoonya, Namma Crossfit and other places around Bangalore. “I joined the Capoeira Movement in Mumbai after a friend introduced me to this martial art,” says Sharath. “I wanted to experience and feel the vibrations of Namma Bengaluru and it couldn’t have been any greater. I believe in spreading the joy of this art form because there are no parameters to human endeavours,” added Sharath. 

Capoeira may be referred to as a form of martial art, a dance or even a game. Originating in Brazil in the 16th Century, it was developed by the slaves brought from Africa to escape colonial oppression.

Unlike other martial art forms, the basic stance in Capoeira is known as Ginga, a fluid, rhythmic motion. Infusing the elements of music and aerobatics, Capoeira is mainly based on quick, alternating animal movements between lion (Leon), spider (Aranha) and crab (Carangejo). It also includes a variation of hand- stands and cartwheels to shift positions around the Roda, a circle created to maintain the energy of the game. Music plays an integral role in Capoeira. Songs in Portuguese are sung accompanied by musical instruments such as birimbau and pandeiro which sets the rhythm and tempo during a game.

Pradeep is an employee at LG Electronics. “I came across this workshop on Events High. And I wanted to experience what Capoeira is like,” says Pradeep. “And I must admit, it isn’t easy for a beginner but I had a great time. And not only did I learn Capoeira but I also learnt the culture incorporated in this art form,” added Pradeep. 

One of the participants at the workshop was Salman, who is currently learning 5 languages. “I have been practicing Capoeira for the past 5 years,” says Salman. “The idea of learning Capoeira was not to escape life but to escape the system humans have created,” added Salman.

If you are interested in Capoeira, don’t forget to register for a 3-day workshop with teachers from Brazil on the 17th,18th and 19th of December in Goa.

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Shahram Janahi
I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences. 

I was a student of Humanities. Music to me is like a journey to my happy place. I love traveling and documenting my experiences.