7 Epic Ways To Celebrate New Years in Bangalore

Posted on :
11 November 2016
Posted on :
11 November 2016

One of the best things about being in a metropolitan city is that, you get to pick from a wide range of 'things to do' when you're planning something as fun as New Years. The parties, the trips, the getaways none of them get old. Infact, it gets more interesting and confusing with a gazzilion new ways to celebrate. What matters is, apart from all the fun, you get a chance on a new start! Here are some fun ways to celebrate this year.

1. Attend one of the massive New Year parties in the city

Image Credits: Pixabay

New years cannot be as massive without a fun DJ night or a dance night in the city. With all the party places, clubs and pubs all settling in to welcome new years with fun events, it’s only fair that you let yourself enjoy one of these.

2. Head out for a classic Masquerade Theme Party

Image Credits: Pixabay

The city is going to go all fancy with great lights, music, parties, food and drinks, a masquerade themed party amidst this could be the best nights! A night out with friends, masks and mystery totally equals to a fun way of welcoming new years.

3. Kick back with some fun at a New Year’s Pool Party at Guhanthara

Image Credits: Flickr - Rennett Stowe

If parties with thumping music and crowd isn’t your type, then a Pool Party going mellow on the evening sounds like the perfect way to begin the new year with. A bunch of fun people, bonding over food and drinks makes the plan something to look forward to.

4. Trek up Kudremukh

Image Credits: Flickr - Dhruvraj S

If parties sound a little too mainstream, then off-beat agendas should make perfect sense! Get away from the city and on an adventure trek. There cannot be a better trekking spot than Kudremukh, which is neither too far from Bangalore nor is a difficult trek.

5. Night trek at Skandagiri and catch the Sunrise at dawn

Image Credits: Flickr - Kalyan Kanuri

Skandagiri is one of the best night treks in Karnataka. To welcome the New Year with a night trek and the sunrise at dawn is sure going to be an exhilarating experience for nature lovers.

6. Hit a beach party

Image Credits: Pixabay

Road-trip to the closest beach town to Bangalore. If Goa has been overdone, then Gokarna or Pondicherry are bound to host the most exotic beach parties for new years.

7. Start the New Year with some fun adventure sport

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Adventure sports have a way with celebrating new beginnings. While parasailing, hot air balloon or any similar sport is purely an adrenaline rush,it gives a whole new feeling of challenge and achievement!

*Feature Image Credits: Flickr- orestART