Why Delhi Is The Perfect Destination For Every Foodie

Posted on :
27 July 2016
Posted on :
27 July 2016

You will definitely find Delhi in every foodies' bucket list. Be it street food, authentic north Indian food or western cuisines with a desi twist, Delhi can make you fall in love with its food any day of the year. Though you may get most of the food items Delhi boasts about anywhere in India, no other place can match up in taste. The Delhi food culture has grown over the years and people from every corner of the country run to the capitol for the food. Here are some places/foods you have to try in Delhi

Paranthe Wali Gali- If you crave a typical north Indian parantha with a filling that melts in your mouth; served with a tangy chutney or pickle, then this famous street in Delhi is definitely the place for you. Relish the paranthas and wash them down with sweet lassi served in a kulhad. 

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Chhole Bhature- Another crowd favorite in Delhi, the eating joints in the capitol serve some of the best Chhole Bhature in the country. Since it can be found at any corner or street in Delhi, we suggest you talk to the residents to find their favorite chhole bhatura joint. 

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Nihari- Some say this dish originated in Old Delhi when it was prepared as breakfast for the Nawabs. This slow cooked meat can be served with a couple of variations depending on the foodie. But the most favorite serving of Nihari is the meat served with halwa puri as the side dish.

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Delhi Dahi Bhalla - It's a known fact that every foodie who plans to visit Delhi or any resident who plans a food walk in the capitol has Natraj Dahi Bhalla in Chandni Chowk in his/her travel diary. The famous joint is always busy keeping customers happy with its Dahi Bhallas and aloo tikkis. 

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Kathi Rolls- If you ask anyone in Delhi where you can get a delicious Kathi Roll, the person will automatically react with three words- Nizam's Kathi Kebabs. Though the eatery serves other authentic north-Indian dishes, the rolls have attracted foodies from all corners of India.

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Since Delhi is full of scrumptious food that will make anyone forget his/her diet, we may have missed out on some places or foods. Help us out by commenting your favorite food item in Delhi.

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