Meet Bangalore's Best Event Organisers And Venues

Posted on :
12 October 2016
Posted on :
12 October 2016

Bangalore is one of the biggest metros of India. The city keeps growing in numbers and is full of people who have busy lives. The city takes good care of these people by offering them various events that help them forget about their job related worries. Here are some of the best organizers and venues in Bangalore every new comer in the city must try. 

The city is known for its busy nightlife offering different kinds of parties that keep the crowd on its feet all night long. We give you some popular party venues in the city that offer delicious food, extravagant parties and some of the best live performances.


Highlights- One of the most popular nightclub chains in the country, BlueFrog is known for its ambiance, delicious food and extravagant parties. The decor and music takes the definition of nightlife to a whole new level. 

Category- Parties & Nightlife, Live Music, DJ Nights.

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Sanctum Club

Highlights- The premier nightclub for parties in Bangalore, the classy decor is complimented with peppy music. The club even offers sumptuous Indian and European food to pamper your taste buds. 

Category- Parties & Nightlife, Food, Live Shows, DJs.

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The Humming Tree

Highlights- The perfect platform for budding artists, The Humming Tree gives a relaxed ambiance where you can sip your cocktails and enjoy the live music. 

Category- Parties & Nightlife, Live Bands, Music, Food. 

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If parties are not your thing and you enjoy literature, showcasing your creativity and being around people who enjoy books and stories, then these amazing venues are perfect for you. Pick your favourite venue and stay updated with their latest workshops and events.

Lahe Lahe

Highlights- The rooftop venue offers some of the most interactive workshops and events for culture enthusiasts. The venue is regularly visited by talented artists and personalities who use this platform to share their knowledge of performing arts and other creative things.

Category- Arts & Culture, Classes & Workshops, Theatre. 

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Atta Gallata 

Highlights- A Cafe with delicious food, a library full of informative books and a loads of events and workshops to keep the average Bangalorean busy with fun activities. Atta Galatta is the perfect spot if you feel like reading a good book in a serene environment while munching on delicious food.   

Category- Arts & Culture, Classes & Workshops, Food, Literature.

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Highlights-  Kavade Attic holds some amazing game sessions for kids and adults. Hoping to bring back the love for traditional games, Kavade offers interactive gaming sessions for children and even corporate events and fun workshops for children and adults.

Category- Classes & Workshops, Literature, Arts & Culture. 

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Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? If enjoying the scenic beauty of Bangalore and indulging the adventure activities is your thing, then these organizers have some events for you on a regular basis. 

Bengaluru by Foot

Highlights- If you are a cultural buff who loves to know more about the city's history and culture, then Bengaluru by foot offers some of the best city walks and tours in the city.

Category- Outdoors, City Walks, Food Walks.

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Jakkur Aerodrome Premises

Highlights- An adrenaline junkie's dream, Jakkur Aerodrome Premises is where all your Aerosports fantasies come true. Be it parasailing, hot-air balloon rides or paragliding, this venue has it all. 

Category- Outdoors, Adventure.

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Highlights- Unventured provides you a chance to be a part of a community where you can enjoy long cycling trails, expeditions and fun nature trips. So enjoy the scenic beauty of Bangalore and surrounding areas while you burn those calories you gained in a food joint.

Category- Outdoors, Cycling. 

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