Celebrate World Vegetarian Day With These Delicious Indian Dishes

Posted on :
1 October 2016
Posted on :
1 October 2016

Today the world celebrates world vegetarian day. Though it may not be a huge deal for you, any food lover would grab this opportunity for celebration and eat his or her favorite vegetarian dish. Indians love food and the three cities, Events High caters to, are full of food lovers who just need a reason to step out and eat. Today we give you some popular Indian vegetarian dishes that can be found in any corner of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

1. Chana Bhatura

Credits- India Food Network

Though it's a North-Indian dish, it can be found in all corners of our country due to its popularity. The sumptuous mix of spices in the white-chana are complimented with the rich taste of the bhatura. 

2. Rajmah Chawal

Credits- CBC

Who doesn't love rajmah chawal? The delicious masala rajmah with rice makes for a proper lunch. 

3. Litti Chokha

A popular dish in the streets of Bihar, litti chokha is another popular Indian dish that is a perfect mix of crunch and tangy flavors in a meal. 

4. Bisi Bele Bath

A dish that makes for a perfect meal and as well as a quick snack to fill the tummy. 

5. Idli Sambhar

One of the healthiest and tastiest meals in India, Idli Sambhar makes for the perfect meal to start your day with, a dish you can enjoy at lunch and a wholesome meal before going to bed. You can basically eat it whenever you want and still stay healthy. 

6. Pav Bhaji

Every foodie's favorite street-food dish. Though pav bhaji is mostly popular in the streets of Mumbai and Delhi, its taste can be found in any part of the country. 

7. Misal Pav

An authentic Maharashtrian delight. Misal Pav is an easy to prepare meal that can be made by any home cook. But the real way to enjoy this dish is to try the different variations served in the eating joints of your city. 

8. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati is usually prepared for the whole family as the members sit together and celebrate while pampering their taste buds to the variations in the spices of the dal and the crunchy yet soft bati. 

9. Vegetarian Restaurants

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