Meet DJ Shireen: One Of The Most Prominent Indian DJs Tells Us What Keeps Her Motivated

Posted on :
29 September 2016
Posted on :
29 September 2016

DJ Shireen is counted among the top DJs in our country and is steadily gaining fame internationally. The hard working DJ has gained respect of many music fans for her music, her dedication to make every party come alive and her love for all of her fans. 

Before her live performance at Crowne Plaza in Bangalore this Saturday, we spoke to the DJ about her journey, her album and the problems faced by females DJs in India. If you happen to be an aspiring musician, be prepared to be inspired. 

Credits- DJ Shireen

1. What made you start DJing at such a young age? Tell us about your experience in Times War of DJs back in 2005.

I was just 18, a college kid; I had never even stepped into a nightclub before I started DJing (in 2005). I just went crazy over the cool concept of making everyone dance to my tunes by only using my fingertips. Times War of DJS in 2007 was the first turning point of my career. It was the biggest platform then; and I was the only Female DJ and also the youngest DJ that time to win East India competition and reach The National Finals (among Top 7 Djs who qualified). Everyone involved with the competition called me DYNAMITE! (because of my high energy) The judges were Pritam (Music Composer), DJ SUKETU, Rajita (Times head) Rajesh (Rivera). It was a huge thing for me to perform in front of these industry legends at Yashraj Studios Mumbai.

2. How do you connect with your audience when you perform?

I get a certain vibe from the crowd, and after playing for the first few minutes or sometimes even before I get up on stage, I look at the crowd and I know what they want. It's like exchange of energies when I play. I communicate with my crowd using music. It's all "HEART to HEART".

Credits-  DJ Shireen

3. You have performed at several local and International venues. Tell us about your best experience so far.

OMG! Its been almost 12 years now since I started DJing . There are too many Awesome experiences; but the first New Year's Eve gig I did in Shillong Cloud 9 in 2006 will always be close to my heart. I was really sick and still I performed from 10 PM - 7 AM!

(Longest performance ever) EPIC NIGHT!
Also the biggest New Year's Eve in India in 2013 at Aamby Valley City (along with Honey Singh) has been the best so far. I started my performance with a rap and everyone loved it! Internationally, most of the events have been at clubs and they love to hear me rap.

4. Tell us about your equipment.

I'm a Pioneer Girl. CDJ 2000NXS with DJM 800 is what I'm most comfortable with. Love them.

Credits-  DJ Shireen

5. You recently released your EDM album worldwide on different platforms. Tell us about your journey in making this album.

My EDM album is called "ONE". It took me almost 2 years to complete it, due to my hectic schedule. There are 8 tracks. All Big Room Sound.

It was very difficult to find a label and the release process; terms and conditions had me going crazy. Finally it released on the label Jabukka Music.
The Most played track is "CRAZY BITCH"
I have dedicated a track to my favourite city Bangalore. It's called "BIG BANG" (Track No.1)

6. According to you, what kind of problems are faced by female artists in India?

I could write a book on the problems faced by Female artists in India. It's very difficult to work. People want to always focus on our looks and not our talent.

That's where even I have suffered a lot; and I still lose out on many events because they don't care about the music, all they want is a beautiful girl on the stage. I blame the artist managers and event organisers who promote skin show and looks instead of talent. This is one thing that really annoys me. A DJ should be judged by his /her music ..not by gender.

Also it's assumed that most female artists; weather DJs or not have no talent. People think we get work and popularity due to looks and gender.

7. You keep yourself busy with performances and live shows at various venues. What keeps you motivated?

Credits- DJ Shireen

The love from my fans, keeps me motivated . I am all for my fans . I never keep my audience waiting, I take out time and personally reply to messages and comments on my page. I cannot even think of letting them down. I was a huge fan of some artists, but when I met them personally, I was so let down. Their attitude towards fans and their jobs hurt me so much, that I decided if I ever get "FANS" I would never let them down. I feel it's a huge responsibility when so many people love you and look up to you. I get my energy from the crowd. No matter how tired or sick I am, I look at the crowd and I get all the energy I need. The people pay a good entry fee and look forward to attend my events, they should not get anything less than they deserve, so I never let my sickness, tiredness, injuries or sadness come in between. I always deliver 100 percent when I'm on stage. No one can ever tell any difference.

People get surprised how I manage to give so much energy. Even when I had damaged my left eardrum, my audience was surprised to see my high voltage performance.

8. Apart from DJing, what other activities do you indulge in?

I lead a very simple life, I love working out, cooking, watching sitcoms and playing pool. I don't get much time these days, but I used to love playing with the kids in my building and baking cakes for them. 

9. Your biggest critic.

Myself! When it comes to my work and music.

Credits-  DJ Shireen

10. Tell us about your future plans.

Hmm.. Mentally I plan a lot of things...I plan my life.. I keep day dreaming a lot... but immediately I cancel all my plans and take every moment as it comes. I take decisions from my heart and I think that's the best way to live.

I'm a very impulsive person, if I just like something instantly, I go for it; and if I don't like something, no one can ever convince me. My life has been a roller coaster ride so far. I love it that way. My whole life has been an unexpected turn of events. Love surprises :-) But I promise to keep entertaining my fans .

11.  Your message to the aspiring DJs.

It doesn't matter who you are; rich, poor, pretty, ugly, girl, boy or transgender, As long as you play good music, you are a good DJ! Nothing else defines a DJ. 

Be a DJ only because 'You want to be a DJ'; there should be no other reason. It's not a shortcut to fame, money or anything else.
Most Importantly alcohol, drugs and cigarettes will only destroy you. So stay away from these things. It has nothing to do with DJing. Hard work and passion will get you the recognition.