Top Painting Classes in Bangalore for a fun hobby and more!

Posted on :
21 September 2016
Posted on :
21 September 2016

A hobby is just so you can break from your routine to do something fun. But here are a few art academies in Bangalore that are very keen on letting you learn the art as more than just a hobby and to get one step closer to making your hobby, an important part of your life. 

1. Artshaala Fine Arts Studio

Image Credits: Facebook - Artshaala

With an aim to nurture and hone the talents of budding artists, Artshaala was started in 2013. A fine arts studio that is an artists haven, Artshaala proudly houses all kinds of art related projects and offers courses on arts too. The artist gets to pick a stream of art he is interested in and is trained to master the art at Artshaala. 

The studio is well equipped with great facilities and spacious studios for different art classes. With great options of art classes to pick from and professional faculty to train and oversee the sessions, an artist is sure to be able receive the best out of these sessions. Classes are overseen by specialists in specific fields, making sure there is quality knowledge of the art involved in the sessions.

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2. Konsult Art and Design Academy

Image Credits: Facebook - Konsult Art & Design Academy

Konsult Global Education was founded in 2006 and has been managed by a talented group of professionals who are well experienced in art and global education. With wide range of courses that they have made available at Konsult, the community drastically grew. It also attracted quite the crowd in various cities that Konslult had its branches set-up at. 

Focusing on Fine Arts Konsult offers courses that trains and prepares people on a career oriented level, letting them gain a complete knowledge of the art they involve in. Konsult Art Academy focuses on Fine arts, preparatory course for a creative career, Clay Art, Pottery Art, Gallery Art, Consultancy Art, corporate programmes and workshops, Art supplies & merchandise Made to order Paintings and Murals, Sculpting Art workshops and more.

With branches in the country at some of the main cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, the academy focuses  on a push towards life apart from daily routine work.

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3. Kenfortes Art School

Image Credits: Facebook - Kenfortes Art School

Started out as Kalamandir, as early as 1996 by Mr.Suresh who is a well known artist, photographer, art teacher and designer, KenFortes was recently renamed. The academy believes that through an artists constant impact and inspiration, it is much easier to kindle the artistic sense in many, with less effort.

With unique and learner-friendly methods, the academy's approach was quite the impact on artists who were still trying to find strong grounds to build on the art. The major fine art classes are directly handled by Mr.Suresh himself, to make sure the sessions bring out the best in each artist.

Having involved in Children’s Art and teaching for about 2 decades, he has a specialisation in the field of involving and interacting with children to inspire them with art and to mentor them. He has also organised a number of children art exhibitions in the country. 

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4. Shades Creative Learning

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Shades Creative Learning was started in 2000 with an aim to help people develop an awareness towards growth of local arts. They have organised some of the best workshops and classes on Painting and various art that involves painting. These sessions are focused on giving elaborate details on each painting. 

Their courses include glass painting, charcoal sketching, candle making, fabric painting, pastel painting, pencil shading/ sketching, ceramic painting, mural paintings and more. With some of the best in the field taking over these classes and sessions, the course is made more interesting and fun. They also conduct workshops on brush techniques, handmade paper craft, scrap booking, clay modelling and tile painting.

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