These Top 5 Acting Classes in Bangalore are going to help you nail the drama person in you!

Posted on :
16 September 2016
Posted on :
16 September 2016

If theatre is your cup of tea or not, here's the truth, all of us are born actors! Well, think about the amount of drama we bring into any scene. Apart from that, if you are looking to master the art of acting and drama, here are top 5 acting classes in the city. If not carrier oriented, at least you know you'll be doing what you love and getting better at it in every way. We don't think that needs a second thought! Happy acting your drama skills off!

1. Bangalore School of Speech and Drama

Image Credits: Bangalore School of Speech and Drama

Affiliated with some of the best universities across the globe, Bangalore School of Speech and Drama has set great standards for the development of Drama as an art in India. The school was established in June 2001. The Bangalore based speech and drama school is also affiliated with London's, Trinity Guildhall College of Speech and Drama and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. The school has brought formulated syllabus from the Trinity College, which gives an opportunity for the students to be able to qualify on international standards of the art. 

Founded by Dr. Zulfia Shaikh, a double graduate in Effective Communication and Drama, she also had the honour of receiving the 'Exhibition Award' from the Trinity Guildhall College of Speech and Drama, London. 

. Apart from the international exposure that the students get to experience, they are also trained in Oratory and Communication Skills that adds to the perfection of their theatre skills.

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2. Tent Cinema by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar

Image Credits: Facebook - Tent Cinemas

Founded in 2012, by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar, a successful writer and a filmmaker, Tent Cinemas is one of the most well known acting schools in Bangalore. The school believes that there is an 'actor' inside of every individual and they, as an acting school help them discover and bring out the best artist out of them through various sessions of training.

The school offers courses in Script-writing, Film-making, Editing and Cinematography in both basic and advanced levels. They also cater to both adults and kids who are inclined towards acting, drama and theatre.

While the world around the artist may not know the struggles, Tent Cinema focuses on making this experience fun and fulfilling for the artist. Having produced some of the greatest artist in the industry, Tent Cinemas have established a professional standard for budding artists as well as drama, as an art, in the city.

3. My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre - MISFIT

Image Credits: Facebook - MISFIT

Founded by Ratan Thakore Grant in 2001, MISFIT, My.Interest.Stays.Firmly.In.Theatre, is a Bangalore based studio for acting and theatre. The theatre company started out with Ratan Thakore's belief that anyone can act, with proper guidance. To implement and test, he started conducting workshops for various groups of people as early as 2001. 

The well known  theatre company offers courses and workshops on acting both on stage and on screen. As a multilingual theatre group, MISFIT has managed to get past barriers and restrictions that comes with language, making the company one of its kind in the city.

Ratan Thakore's belief about acting enriching oneself, those around them and also the others around them is totally true with MISFIT as a theatre company. The company has produced some of the best artists in the industry and has also let art reach out to many across the city, impacting many lives. 

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4. Jagriti Theatre

Image Credits: Facebook - Jagriti Theatre

Jagriti, a centre for performing arts  in the city of Bangalore, was founded by  Arundhati and Jagdish Raja in 2011. With an aim to promote budding artists, encourage new work, Jagriti has been reaching out to art and theatre lovers. Helping with local and international collaborations, the company has brought in great exposure for the art. 

They also offer Theatre Arts Program,for children between 8-18 years of age. The course also includes grade assessment from Trinity College, London. The exams are preceded by a visiting examiner every year. Thus giving the students and exposure to a global level theatre practices and performing arts.

The course includes session of training in body awareness, voice training, performance techniques, writing, text reading, stage performance, including public speaking techniques.

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5. Yours Truly Theatre

Image Credits: Facebook - Yours Truly Theatre

First started in 2003 by Nandhini Rao and Ranji David, who proactively approached various crowds in the city with interesting Theatre and Acting sessions. Their productions focus on improvised an well framed performances of well trained artists. 

The company offers training sessions that stretches for over three weeks on Basic Theatre and Acting. These courses are available year round and are preceded by some of the best theatre artists in the in the industry. Yours Truly Alma lives by the mantra of creativity that they believe is a very important factor that also mirrors an artists work. They greatly encourage improvisation and let the artists create their own style when it comes to performing arts. 

They are also proud producers of some of the stunning theatre performances that hit the city time and again. The team of over 100 members, the company reaches out to diverse audiences.

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