'Master Chef' your way through cooking, with these top 5 Cooking Classes in Bangalore!

Posted on :
14 September 2016
Posted on :
14 September 2016

Here are some of best Master Chef's you can sign up with to make cooking more than just a hobby. These cooking schools offer classes and sessions on cooking, baking, hacks and tricks involved in cooking. Master cooking and get creative with your kitchen skills like a boss with some help from some of the best in town. 

1. Cook and Bake with Deepali

Image Credits: Facebook - Cook and Bake with Deepali

The ultimate focus at Cook and Bake with Deepali being a natural nudge towards cooking, baking and dishing out finger licking treats, is a food lover’s haven. Having trained and reaching out to over 4000 students at workshops and cooking classes, Deepali has set great standards in levelling up cooking as more than just a hobby. 

Cooking classes include courses on healthy cooking, Indian cooking, Oriental cooking, dessert making, backing classes both advanced and basic levels, Continental cooking and many more. A wide range of food enthusiasts in town are being trained to hone greater cooking skills at Deepali’s cooking classes. Making sure that the students learn the right way of cooking healthy, Deepali’s class sessions consists of ways of cooking with no compromise on quality and healthiness of the food. 

2. Chef Happy

Image Credits: Facebook - Chef Happy

While cooking can be one of the most perfect mediums to bond over, Chef Happy creates a great environment to experience an ultimate creative culinary experience. While it acts as a great platform to showcase unique accomplishments related to food and mind boggling flavours, it also makes sure the experience is about making happy memories around food. 

Bringing together a whole lot of people and connecting them on common grounds that is related to unique flavours of food, Chef Happy also focuses on fun and happy memories while at it.

Letting the food lovers involve in fun activities, Chef Happy involves them in Corporate Outings that also include chopping, peeling and team bonding over cooking. They also organise Cook-Off’s that are fun packed Chef Happy also hosts some of the fun product launches that are related to culinary experiences. 

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3. Slurp Studio

Image Credits: Facebook - Slurp Studio

Situated right at the heart of the city in Indiranagar, Slurp Studio is one of the most well known one stop culinary destination.  A well equipped cooking school, that also manages outdoor catering and Live Grilling Company, Slurp Studio does its best to make cooking a fun way to connect.

The fun learning sessions are also filled with enthusiastic adults and kids who are set on energy to make the best out of the learning and cooking experience. 

 As one of the popular culinary venue, Slurp Studio does best and more to help food enthusiasts keep up with the fun experiences of learning new things about food, cooking, baking and more. 

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4. Manju's Cooking Class

Image Credits: Facebook - Manju's Cooking Class

Started out in 2002, Manju’s Cooking Class has been a total inspiration to many around the city. Focusing on polishing up cooking skills and getting it to perfect levels, Cooking Classes have been organised throughout the city. To make this even more interesting, Manju’s cooking classes also offer sessions for travellers who love to know about Indian Cuisines and how they are prepared.  

Each Cooking Class session involves a live demonstration of the dish, accurate recipes, some take-home samples and some cooking hacks and tricks here and there. 

A fun regular cooking classes at Manju’s would cost about Rs.1,200 a class for one person and a custom cooking classes would cost Rs.4000 for up to 3 people per class. Group cooking classes are also great options.

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5. Something's Cooking

Image Credits: Facebook - Something's Cooking

Offering some of the best cooking classes and courses, Something’s Cooking gives learners a whole new fun perspective of cooking. They believe in magic that happens at the best settings. Standing by that belief, their well equipped cooking studio says it  all.

With world-class equipment and a great environment to whip up some delicious magic, learners are going to have some of the best cooking experiences here at ‘Something’s Cooking'.

The cooking studio is of about 8 cooking islands with their own cook-top, oven and chimneys. Apart from this, the well spaced dining area that is both indoor and outdoor makes it much better for people to hang out over great food. A well stocked grocery elements and BBQ grills overlooking the beautiful city, adds to the fun at Something’s Cooking’.