Top 5 Swimming Classes in Bangalore

Posted on :
12 September 2016
Posted on :
12 September 2016

Looking for a routine that adds fun and extra focus to your day, will take you to something as simple as swimming as a sport. These 5 spots in Bangalore not only help you learn how to swim, but also help you excel in it. With some of the amazing sports facilities in the city, a drop by at these places is sure to impress and interest anyone who would love to learn. apart from just fitness, swimming also helps mental wellness in an individual. 

1. Nisha Millet's Swimming Academy

Image Credits: Face book - Nisha Millet's

Started by Nisha, an Olympic swimmer in 2004, the swimming academy is one of the best in the city. Building a strong community of swimmers, Nisha Millet's Swimming Academy has about 11 centres across the city in the past 12 years.

The Academy is also on a constant development to better at what they do. With certified short term and long term swimming courses coming up, Nisha Millet is also focusing on widening the age group that they have been reaching out to. The academy has reached out to about 10,000 swimmers across the city and are also looking forward to receive an infant and toddler certification from AUSTSWIM. 

2. Swimlife

Image Credits: Facebook - Swimlife

Registered under Karnataka Swimming association, Swim Life was started in 2004. Standing for their motto to Communicate, Educate and Motivate, Swim Life aims at reaching out as many as possible in the city and helping them understand swimming as more than just a sport. The academy has about 6 centres across the city. A swimming club that has easy access to all their training centres, Swim Life also organises swim meets, sports club meets, water games, swimming classes for toddlers and so on. 

The swim meets are at district, school level, state level, inter corporate and inter club levels. Fun sessions of water volleyball, water throw ball, water polo are also organised along with some fun Galas for corporate.

Active sports Club is an initiative by Swim Life, that focuses on helping people maintain a balance of healthy way of living. Kids and adults are encouraged to choose their interest of program and are trained to a healthy life. 

3. Dolphin Aquatics

Image Credits: Facebook - Dolphin Aquatics

Registered way back in 1984 with the Karnataka Swimming Association with Mr.Ameen Shacoor as the president, Dolphin Aquatics is one of the oldest Swimming Clubs in the city. With a Dolphin Swim Team and a Dolphin Swim school under it, Dolphin Aquatics is known to have produced some of the best competitive swimmers in town. 

The academy has been training swimmers for competitions and swim meets from junior, sub-junior and senior categories. The swimmers aim at National and also International meets. Swimmers from Dolphin Academy also take pride in participate in international swim meets.

The academy’s own Olympian Veerdhawal Khade winning the Bronze at the 2010 Asian Games and Olympian Sandeep Sejwal winning a Bronze in 2014 Asian Games, has been a feather on the cap for Dolphin Aquatics.

4. Vesoma Fitness

Image Credits: Facebook - Vesoma

Vesoma is a very well known fitness, rehabilitation and sports center in Bangalore. With great services that they offer, Vesoma encourages holistic way of living a healthy life both with physical and well as mind level. Vesoma also provides Hydrotherapy, a form of Physiotherapy that is treated in water.

Water resistance in used instead of weights and other force forms.Every session is preceded by professional trainers who motivate and make the group exercise classes more fun, interesting and focused. 

5. Agon Sports

Image Credits: Facebook - Agon Sprots

An indoor sports hub that was set up in 2014, Agon Sports is one of the few sports hubs in the city that is home for some of the major sports like Badminton, Swimming, Snooker, Table Tennis an many more.

A 55,000 sq.ft widespread sports area like Agon Sports, encourages a good break from a routine of work life. This is a way, provides great opportunity for individuals to take one more step towards sports, fitness and mental wellness. With no compromise on learning the sport and being able to master it, they also help them move further into excelling and leveling-up on the sport.