Dance classes in Bangalore

Posted on :
28 July 2016
Posted on :
28 July 2016

Now your passion for dance is something you'll not miss nurturing. These Dance Academy's in the city are here to help you build on your love for dance while also giving in a little help with fitness on a regular basis. They offer sessions on various forms of dance with some of the best instructors who will make these sessions focused and fun. Dance away and love every bit of it!   

1. Shiamak

Shiamak caters to not just adults but also to all age groups. Interesting sessions of Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Salsa, Jive and Jazz at Shiamak is something you can look forward to if you are looking for dance classes in Bangalore. Instructors with great experience and energy make the dance sessions more fun at Shiamak.

Image Credits: Shiamak

2. Nritarutya - Indian Contemporary Dance Company

Nritarutya is a contemporary dance company, that specializes in technicalities and dynamics of dance, as an art. Packed with fun sessions of dancing, Nritarutya also helps artists understand physical health awareness.

Image Credits: Nitarutya

3.  Furor Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Furor Entertainment founded by Alex Diaz, focuses on enriching life and reaching out to people through one of the most wonderful forms of dance. They specialize in Salsa. The dance lovers at Furor seem to have an bonded over salsa and that, to a level of also excelling in the art of salsa. Expert instructors proceed every dance sessions to help dancers get one step closer to mastering the art through fun dance sessions and socials. Furor believes in promoting authentic salsa.

Image Credits: Furor Entertainment

4. Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio

Started by Mr. Lourd Vijay in 1997, LVDS has been challenging the revolution of Indo-Western dance forms in India. LVDs has been inspiring and creating some of the best artists out of dance lovers. Their approach to Salsa and other contemporary indo-western art form is a pure bliss to be a part of.

Image Credits: LVDS

5. Kalanidhi Kala Studio

Specializing in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary dance, freestyle and also gymnastics, Kalanidhi Kala studio has been approaching dance in a whole different way. Mentoring and building some great talents in various dance forms, their dance sessions are sure to set you on a whole new level of passion for dance as well as physical wellness.

Image Credits: Kalanidhi Kala 

6. D’cruz Dance Studio

D’cruz Dance Studio believes in looking past age limits and focusing on expression of the art. “To touch, to move and to inspire” is what they go by. Bringing global rythm to your hands reach, right here in the city, ‘Dare to Dance’ by D’cruz Dance Studio, is one the most driverse dance schools in Bangalore. They offer passionate dancers an experience into superlatives of excellence, quality and fun. Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Reggae ton, Rock n Roll , Street Jazz , Aerobics , Zumba, classes for kids & performances are a few from their list.

Image credits:  D'cruz Dance studio D'cruz Dance studio

7. The Swingers

Setting high standards to other dance academy's in the city, The Swingers since 1998 has been quite the trendsetter in various dance forms. They provide a great platform for beginners who start out on their passion for dance and are focused on excelling in it. Well qualified and experienced dance instructors at Swingers strive to make dance sessions fun and equally focused towards bettering the art.

Image Credits: The Swingers

8. Rhythmic Feet Dance and Fitness Studio

Rhythmic Feet  in Koramangala, while giving dance artists various forms of dance expertise classes, also concentrate on fitness and health. Julie Masih, one of the dynamic artists in the city and founder at Rhythmic Feet, has indeed set the academy’s standards a class apart, by involving fitness oriented measures into dance. They conduct dance fitness/ aerobics, dance training, yoga, martial arts and music classes for adults and children.

Image Credits: Rhythmic Feet Dance and Fitness