Learn More About Cooking With Celebrity Chef From Masterchef India Shazia Khan This Weekend (9th-11th Sept)

Posted on :
7 September 2016
Posted on :
7 September 2016

The celebrity chef and Masterchef India Season 2 runner up, Shazia Khan has seen quite a transformation in her life. From a housewife in Bangalore to celebrity chef who runs multiple cooking workshops across India, Shazia Khan is spreading the knowledge she gained from the show aspiring chefs and home-cooks everywhere. The celebrity chef currently hosts a television show called 'K for Kids'. The show focuses on getting young kids interested in cooking and appreciate the food prepared by their parents. Apart from being a professional chef and businesswoman, Shazia Khan is also a member of the board of management of Delhi Public School Bangalore North. The celebrity chef has been an inspiration for home-cooks and aspiring chefs in India and all those hoping to pursue their passion.

Credits- Shazia Khan

This weekend, Chef Shazia Khan plans to make your time off work more special with cooking workshops for kids as well as adults. All those seeking some expert guidance on how to cook delicious food are invited to join the chef and learn the art of cooking.   

1. UTOPIA's Lil' Chefs

The chef will be present for an interactive session during Utopia's Lil Chefs at JW Marriott Hotel. The event will focus on young children (3-15 years) who are interested in cooking and learning more about food. The head chef of JW will guide the kids through a hands on cooking session. The workshop will be accompanied by a food fest and a session with celebrity chef Shazia Khan. The kids can learn everything related to making cookie dough, submarine sandwiches, baking and decorating cupcakes. 

When: 11th Sept. 10 AM

Where: JW Marriott Bangalore. 

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2. Masterclass with Shazia Khan

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Foodhall, the place you usually go to when you crave delicious food and goodies, invites you to join the chef as she prepares delicious healthy salads. The celebrity chef will be taking some recipes from her book- 'What's on the menu?' and creating salads that are high on nutritional value as well as taste. Salads like Fig and Asparagus Salad, Couscous salad with chickpeas and red beans and Italian grilled chicken salad will be prepared in the masterclass. 

When: 9th Sept. 5 PM

Where: Foodhall, 1 MG Mall

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