These Top 5 Dance Classes in Bangalore will help you master the art!

Posted on :
1 September 2016
Posted on :
1 September 2016

Well it's one thing to love to dance and it's another to let that passion become a part of your life. Making sure dance lovers get to learn the best quality of the art, here are some of Bangalore's renowned dance studios and dance companies with innovative sessions. To make this more epic, the sessions are headed by expert artists who have mastered with a specific art form.

1. Shiamak

Shiamak has a wide range of dance forms that they are bent on reaching out the mass crowds of dance enthusiasts with. As a global dance movement, Shiamak has set great standards for Dance Academies around the world. Shiamak has been recognised as one of the global dance communities across Canada, Australia, India, USA and UAE. 

Living upto their motto, ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’, Shiamak has introduced some of the newest and unique dance forms, Indian and Western, along with some of Shiamak’s own styles and fusions. Shiamak not only focuses on dance for adults but also for kids too.

Image Credits: Facebook - Shiamak

The Dance Academy that has been involved in the dance industry for about three decades, has also won international awards. The founder of the academy, Mr.Shiamak, was awarded a doctorate from the Middlesex University for the contribution he has made to the dance industry, especially with regards to dance education, entertainment and performing arts.

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2. Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio

Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio, started by Lourd Vijay in 1997, has picked out some of the best dance forms to reach out dance lovers with. Introducing western dance forms like Salsa in India, as early as 1997, Lourd Vijay set great standards for the developing dance artists.

Image Credits: Facebook - LVDS

The team of talented instructors at LVDS strive to bring out the best in the learners while also helping them focus on performing art levels. LVDS also organises one of the massive Salsa Congress in India. This gathering sees international and famous salsa artists coming together to dance and to enrich art culture in India. 

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3. The Swingers Studio & Dance Company

Started out in 1998, The Swingers have been quite a popular dance company. Well known among the most talented choreographers, Mr.Murali, started out on this venture to help reach out to people with various forms of dance. Soon enough, The Swingers community grew wide and big, with centers set up at Chennai, Bangalore, Dubai, Kuwait and New York. This got them recognition from a global range of dance lovers.

Image Credits: Facebook - The Swingers

Offering some of the best forms of dance including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Street, Jazz, Salsa, Wedding Dance and even theater, the dance company has been reaching out to all age groups. Teens and Adult dance certificate programme is one of the major and popular features Swingers offer.

Students with The Swingers also get an opportunity to be on a six month certificate course at International Dance Companies that Swingers have a tie-up with, after an audition and rigorous training.The enthusiastic involvement of the team makes them one of the most involved team in the dance industry. 

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4. Nritarutya - Indian Contemporary Dance Company

As an Indian Contemporary Dance Company, by Mayuri Uapadhaya, Nritarutya has been changing the idea of Indian Dance and the approach to the various dance forms in India. The name Nritarutya, literally translates to ‘Dance Tree’.

Image Credits: Facebook - Nritarutya

The dance forms that Nritarutya trains dancers with, involves as deep as understanding the practice, culture and traditions that has influenced a particular dance. This also brings the dancers in close connect with traditions and essence that the dance brings into the picture and not just a mere performance.

Nritarutya is also a proud achiever at a global level. Taking various forms of Indian Dances onto international stages across countries, the teams have made proud Indian culture and traditions. Their performances have been recognized both at a National and International level, at various massive performance art fests.

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5. D'cruze Dance Studio & Dance Company

The D’Cruze dance studio was started by Mr.Richard D’Cruze in 2009. His great approach to dance as a the perfect escape from a chaotic daily routine, to a peaceful experience of keeping with the rhythm, has in every way helped a lot of dance lovers across the city. The spacious studio, which is one of it’s kind in the city, provides great ambiance and experience with a peek into the world of International Dance forms. 

Image Credits: Facebook - D'cruze Dance Studio & Dance Company

D’Cruze studio offers classes on dance forms like Street Jazz, Popping, Contemporary, House, Hip-Hop and more. Living up to their motto of ‘To Touch, To Move and To Inspire’, D’Cruz Dance Studio has been raising bars for learners and dance trainers equally! 

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