Theatre Workshops in Bangalore

Posted on :
28 July 2016
Posted on :
28 July 2016

Drama lover? Umm. Let's rephrase. Drama queen?

Here are a list of amazing theatre workshops in Bangalore that is for sure going to nurture and shape into the best artist you can be. These theatre workshops are jam loaded with some amazing techniques and lessons that is going to help you chase you theatre passion. Being mentored by some of the best artists in town, you can look forward to great life experience while becoming one with the art of Theatre.

1. Basic Theatre and Acting Workshop - Yours Truly Theatre

Image Credits: Yours Truly Theatre

Focusing on a total ‘Fun with Art’ process, Yours Truly Theatre organises theatre workshops and courses during weekends. These sessions are by Ranji David and Alma Kotadia. Apart from helping with your acting skills, these sessions lets you excel and experiment under talented professionals and non-judgemental environment.

Where: Azeezia Apartments, Bangalore.

When: 31st July. Register here

2. Acting Workshop Training For Stage by Deepan Sivaraman - Numa Bengaluru

Image Credits: Numa Bengaluru

An intensive 5 day workshop by Deepan Sivaraman, is sure to shape you and direct towards the best artist you will be trained to be. His methods are unique with techniques of physical training, imagination, improvisation, characterisation that an artist would require. Two decades of theatre practice has sure helped Deepan to help build a community of exquisite artists, through his workshops. Where: Numa, Church Street, Bangalore

When: July 26th - 30th

Fee: Rs.1000 Register here

3. My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre (MISFIT)- Level 1 Acting course

With a history of mentoring some of the best theatre artists in the city, MISFIT has been a great inspiration to drama lovers. As Ratan, who mentors theatre artists mentioned, it is true that we are all born with a talent to act. To improvise and inspire oneself and others around them is what Misfit focuses on while shaping an artist. Misfit is soon to begin with their 35th Level 1 Acting Course.

Where: Outlaw Dance Studio, Koramangala

When: August 6th, 2016. Register here

4. Lahe Lahe - Intensive Actor Training Part 2-

Image Credits:  Lahe Lahe

Lahe Lahe non-profit arts theatre, with a vision to the ultimate ideology of expression. Located in Indiranagar, their workshops, comedy events and talks quickly gather attention from drama lovers. In turn, these events have never failed to impress the audience. They also host training sessions for actors that are quite intensive and inclined towards improvising creativity in an artist.

Where: Lahe Lahe, Kodihalli Layout, Bangalore

When: 23rd July

5. ACT (Actor-Chorus-Text) International Workshop Residency in Bangalore

Image Credits: Actor-Chorus-Text

Partnering with an international company, Culture Monks and Infinite Souls Artistic Retreat is proudly presenting ACT, an international theatre workshop. Led by Anna Helena McLean, this experiencing of art and theatre is sure going to bring about rejuvenated passion as an artist gears up to pursue theatre.

Where: Infinite Souls Farm Retreat, Magadi Taluk, Bangalore

When: 10th November 2016. Register here.

6. Tent Cinema by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar - Intensive Acting Class

Tent Cinema presents Intensive Acting Class, that will be introducing artists to various techniques of building their acting skills. The sessions will include voice modulation exercises and a few other basic acting stunts that the artist can build up on while learning to create their own style of acting.

Where: Tent Cinema by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore

When: September 01st, 2016. Register here.