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About Vasai Fort

Formerly known as Bassien, is a scenic suburban town in the north of Mumbai. As one of the scenic forts, the place is one of the popular tourist spots around Mumbai. The fort is also of national importance and has been protected and maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. 

As a perfect spot for a day away from the crowded city, the picturesque Portuguese fort is one of the most scenic escapes. With the remains from the 17th century the serene surroundings around the fort is something one would always look forward to.

Though only the ruins remain, the beauty is unmatchable and the three churches inside the fort still remains recognizable. Time and again there has been great film shooting sessions that add charm to the screen. 

Some of the international artists and bands have also shot at the Vasai Fort for the kind of impression it makes on the culture and old architectures in the country. While the Portuguese buildings inside the fort are all in ruins there is enough to give one an idea of the incredible architecture that used to be. But to make this a lot better, there are quite a lot of plants and creepers that the place has become one of the great places to spot birds, butterflies and so on. 

How To Reach

Transport along the Vasai area is also quite frequent with new railways lines that have been introduced to the place. There are buses and other public transport facilities available too. These are quite a frequent and are an easy access from Mumbai, making this one of the easiest getaways from the city.

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