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About The Tern Travellers

We at The Tern Travellers are a travel fraternity from different walks of life bound together with immense love for the creation and exploration. Small, young and dynamic is how our team is defined. We organize trips, treks and tours alongside creating employment among the locals. We hate grapevine communication hence we bring you a touch of the locals as we believe in bringing you the best unsurpassed knowledge. We strive to build the travel community and reach the far ends of the earth to create an impact. Success for us is the smile that we bring to you as well as the locals. Last but not the least; our earth is a benevolent entity and we owe our existence to her. Hence we do anything and everything to preserve her in the best that she is so the future generation will spend their life appreciating the creation as we do. So come along and let’s extend our family as we journey through life. Cheers! P.s – Our soul is not contained in the limits of our body, but rather our body is contained in the limitless of the soul.

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+91 99872 82746

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