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About Karnala

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is one of the scenic getaways, not very far from the city of Mumbai. The exquisite spot located off the Mumbai - Pune highway to Goa is one of the perfect weekend getaways for nature lovers. The bird sanctuary is popular among bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Image Credits: wikimedia.org

While the area of the sanctuary is quite small, it is also one of the easiest getaways It houses over 150 species of birds that are resident to the place and about 37 species of migratory birds along the region. The rarest species like the Malabar Trogon and the three-toed Kingfisher can be spotted at the bird sanctuary. 

The Karnala Fort is another popular tourist spot for the visitors. The fort is located at the top of the hill inside the sanctuary. A scenic trek leads up to the old fort that was built even before 1400. The trek trails show some of the best views along the one hour trek up, offering 5 resting places that are explicit spots along the trek. A monsoon trek up the Karnala Fort makes one of the most enjoyable experience for the trekkers.

The 125 ft Basalt Pillar is also called Pandu’s Tower. The main purpose of the fort was that it was used as a watchtower. Now, some of the popular spots like Matheran, Prabalgad, Chanderi Fort and many more can be spotted from up here. 

The place is open to visitors throughout the day and there are also staying facilities and government rest houses available. This makes it easier for birdwatchers and trekkers to plan a great getaway from the city too. 

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