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About Kalsubai Trek

The Kalsubai trek is popular with adventure sports enthusiasts because it trails to the highest peak in the Western Ghats. The trek is also popular among devotees of the Kalsubai temple who often make the climb up to honour the local deity. During Navratri, the trail is often crowded with devotees making the climb up the peak to the temple for special prayers and to visit the grand mela, held annually.

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On this trail, trekkers scale through varied terrain that includes streams and the rocky slopes of the Kalsubai mountain. There are a few routes to take to the peak of Kalsubai. 

The best route to the peak starts at the Hanuman temple, located a few kilometres away from Bari village. The route starts on an easy note but it does get tricky towards the approach of the peak. To help trekkers scale the peak, locals have set up ladders and stilts on the steep slopes.

The guided trek is led by a team of experienced hikers that careful plan the route, ensuring the comfort and safety of trekkers. The trek lets you do a bit of sightseeing at the base village and you can enjoy a comfortable ride to Kalsubai and back to Mumbai.

Overview of Kalsubai Trek

Location: Bari Village, Akole

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 151 kilometres

Famous for: Exciting trekking trails, panoramic views of Western Ghats, Kalsubai Temple

Trip Duration: 1 day, 1 night

Trek Distance & Duration: 13 kilometres, approximately 13 hours to complete the trek. (timings and distances may differ due to multiple route options)

Altitude: 1646 metres

Difficulty Level

Trekking through the Kalsubai mountain is moderately difficult. Some portions with rocky terrain and steep slopes have ladders and stilts to help trekkers, but you still need to be careful while trekking through these parts.

The route is not all that long, so it is likely that you won’t feel fatigued on the trek. You might still want to take short breaks though. If you are trekking in the monsoon, you might want to be careful on slippery rocks and while climbing wet ladders.

How to reach Kalsubai Mountain

1. To get to Kalsubai, you must first reach Bari village and walk up to the temple which is the starting point of the trek.

2. The best way to get to Bari from Mumbai is by road, you can either drive down or hire a private taxi.

3. If you are travelling to Bari from Mumbai by bus, you will have to change buses at Igatpuri.

Weather Conditions of Kalsubai

1. Summer in Kalsubai is from May to June. The weather is fairly hot during the season and it can be quite humid for trekking.

2. Monsoon runs from June to August. The weather is cool but conditions for trekking can be tricky. It also gets quite windy at Kalsubai peak in the monsoon.

3. Winters are from the end of October to February. The climate is excellent for outdoor exploration during this season.

Kalsubai Trek Route

1. The trek route begins from the Hanuman Mandir, located a few kilometres away from Bari village.

2. The route is well marked and one should not have a problem navigating through the trail to the peak.

3. Along the way, there are a few streams to see; you can rest at the stream if you wish.

4. On portions where there are steep slopes, ladders have been put in place to help trekkers. You’ll come across the ladders when you get closer to the peak.

5. The descent back to base can be a bit strenuous, so take your time climbing down and be cautious.

Best time for Kalsubai Trek

Monsoon is a great time to trek to Kalsubai, the weather is fantastic and the cool temperatures make it easier for trekking. If you love nature and want to watch flowers blooming, hike up to Kalsubai in the winter season.

Trip Itinerary for Kalsubai Trek

Day 1

1. The bus departs Mumbai at 12 am, picking up passengers along the way, it reaches Bari at 4 am.

Day 2

2. Rest for a while, wake up at 6 am for breakfast and then sit for a briefing.

3. Start the trek at 7 am to reach the peak at 10 am, have brunch at stalls near the temple and then do a bit of sightseeing.

4. Make the descent back to base by 11 am.

5. Reach base at 2 pm.

6. Reach the homestay at 2.30 and then have lunch before heading back to Mumbai at 3 pm to reach by 6 pm.

Things to carry

1. Drinking water (2 litres should be enough for the trek)

2. Jacket or windcheater (if trekking during the monsoon)

3. Sunglasses and a cap (optional)

4. Sunscreen and lotion

5. A torch (optional)

6. Camera and binoculars (optional)

7. Energy bars, dry fruits (optional)

Inclusions & Exclusions

The trek package includes the following expenses:

1. Tour guide fees

2. Transport to Bari village and back to Mumbai

3. First aid support

4. Breakfast at the homestay

The trek package does not include the following: 

1. Packed lunch on the trek

2. Insurance

3. Any other cost not included in the inclusions

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request that trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Amazing Things to Do on the Kalsubai Trek

1. Explore the Bari Village: Before you begin trekking to Kalsubai, spend about half an hour exploring Bari village. There are old houses to see and you can sample delicious local delicacies at small eateries around the village. 

2. Photography: The scenic trail offers a great opportunity for landscape photography. You can click pictures of the Western Ghats and if you go trekking in winter, click pictures of flowers around the trekking trail. 

3. Offer Prayers at Kalsubai Temple: At the top of the peak is Kalsubai temple. The temple is dedicated to a local deity and special prayers are held on Tuesday and Thursday. To experience culture and festivity, visit the temple during Navratri when a special fair is held near the temple.

Safety Measures

1. Wear comfortable shoes.
2. Tread carefully on the steep slopes.
3. Follow instructions of the group leader carefully.
4. If under medication, make sure you carry all your prescribed medicines.
5. Although the trek is moderately difficult, you need to be physically fit to climb steep slopes.
6. Get enough rest before making the climb up to Kalsubai peak.


Bari, the starting point of the Kalsubai trek is located about 151 kilometres away from Mumbai, the journey by road is about a three hour drive.

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