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About Independence Brewing Company

Witness the Incredible Taste of Exquisite Craft Beer at Mumbai’s Independence Brewing Company

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Crafting beer is not an easy task. While regular beer is quite easy to obtain, and is found in various tastes, brewing is a whole different ball game. While it gives you a lot of creative control as to how you would like your beer to taste, it also require the brewer to have extensive knowledge regarding brewing, beer, its ingredients and many more things. Which is why, even though craft beer has become the craze these days, not many places can claim to be the best in the business. But this is not the case for the Independent Brewing Company. With a mission to bring high quality craft beer into India, Independent Brewing Company set about some of the best brews possible. Years of toil and hard work has resulted in them becoming one of the best craft beer providers in Mumbai, if not the entire country. Constant innovations are always being made at Independent Brewing Company so that nothing seems to be stale, not the beer and definitely not the company’s creativity. All in all it is a remarkable place to stop for a drink and experience some of the best craft beers that you’ll ever get to sip on.

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You do need to nibble on something while you have your drink, so the menu at Independence Brewing Company gives some sumptuous choices to choose from. To start things off, you can go for appetizers like Onion Rings, South Prawns, Curry Spice Chickens, Paprika Wings and Kerala Fish. With the good appetite that these dishes will provide, you are good to go for the main course. Margarita Pizza, Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza, Chicken Chettinad with Parotta and Lentil Burger are a few of the dishes that can soothe the hungriest of stomachs.

                                                                                       Image Credit: Independence Brewing Company
The bar is where the fun lies, of course. Craft beers such as Four Grain Saison, Belgian Wit, Imperial Stout and Lactic Sour are all incredible brews that are a must have. The bar also stocks all sorts of liquors and alcohol for those want a bit of variety.

                                                                                  Image Credit: Independence Brewing Company
Every Tuesday, the Independence Brewing Company has a jam session with talented musicians. From an event, this has now turned into a beloved tradition. Other events are also organised now and then.
Independence Brewing Company is a name that any lover of craft beer will be familiar with. They have made a name for themselves in a business where only the best may thrive, and as such they are a shining example to brewers and beer lovers across the country.

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Boolani Estate Owners Premises C0-Op, Soc, Ltd., B-41, Unit 001 and 101, New Link Road, Andheri (West),, Opp. Citi Mall, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
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