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About Cricket Classes & Workshops

Cricket is one of the most widely followed sport on a very global level. Over the years Cricket has seen an increase in the fan followers of the sport. Being one of the most commonly known sport, Cricket has also been accessible both on media as well as a sport to practice.

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A Cricket match with two teams and 11 team members in each team, works on basic scoring strategy with one team batting and the other takes over fielding. The game has some of the most simplest concepts that have been made approachable for commoners and hobby lovers. 

The International Cricket Council maintains and heads over the International as well as national level Cricket Tournaments between various countries. World Cup Cricket matches are mostly the highlights that point to a worldwide audience that are completely involved with every proceedings of the match. While media does have an influence, it also feels like the sport is so involving and keeps masses engaged, that it practically influences the media in turn. 

Origin of Cricket

The term ‘Cricket’ seems to have a lot of possible sources. Early 16th Century saw Cricket surfacing as a sport in England. But there has also been traces of Cricket dating 1301, while a court evidence points out to a sport called ‘Creckett’ that was played during the 1550’s. While during the initial development of the sport saw a bit of risky incidents, involving a player hit and losing life, the sport found its grip. 

As early as 18th Century, the sport was a full fledged sport practices among a lot of communities around England. Around 1707 sport became popular on even media records. 

1760 saw a massive revolution when the bowlers picked up the style of pitching the ball instead of rolling it towards the batsman. This caused rule changes as well as a change in the bat design. 

After quite a few evolving sessions for Cricket, the first ever International match took place in 1844. Soon various countries actively presented their teams with some of the best Cricket players in their country. Cricket, as a trending sport caught on as one of the most sought after sport that a lot of audiences were excited to keep track of.

Arising various levels of interests and funding the Cricket community quickly grew massively. There were still glitches in the matches and the rules which also was sorted with the ‘Limited Overs’ rule that was introduced soon. 1963 saw a great levels of success for the sport. The Limited Overs International was played in 1971. 

Why Cricket Classes & Workshops?

Sessions on Cricket helps the player gain a professional perspective of the sport.While this is still the most common form of sport followed by various communities of audiences, it requires great training sessions for the player to get to master the sport.

Training sessions give a great push towards exposures for the player on various platforms that would help the player train better.

If the player aiming to be a sportsman with tournaments and team playing in a perspective, then it positively requires for the player to train with a professional coach and eventually with a team.

Players are given professional and intensive training on both the sport as well as fitness and health. They also work on improving team player skills for every player. 

Cricket training sessions also help the player to stay focused on the match while also still being able to perform well, take a risk in the field and many more aspects that makes one a better sport in the field and within the team.

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