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A two player board game that has been changing game dynamics with its plot strategies is one of the most well known board game around the world. With Grand-Master titles and Championship matches between various genius players, Chess was also a part of the Olympic Games until recently.

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The two player board game is among the familiar games that are preferred by almost every board game lover. Chess has been one of the games that players enjoy with an intellectual approach by both amateurs and professional players.

While chess is still one of the most preferred board game for a pass-time, statistics denote that close to a 70% of Indians play chess on a regular basis. India also had the great and well known Chess Champion, Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand, who was the first Grandmaster in 1988. 

Origin of Chess

Chess is said to have originated from India specifically from the game of Chaturanga. A few other strategy games that are quite famous in the east were also picked from this game. While Chaturanga dates to a time frame sometime during the early 7th Century. However, the game of chess with all its rules came took time to surface and it did around the late 15th Century. During the 19th century the rules were made standard globally. 

There were great World Chess Champions who walked in and out of the scenes winning the toughest games. With a lot of Chess geniuses representing one too many countries from around the world, Chess became one of the most popular and competitive sport. World Championship matches were organised which also had separate sessions for men, women and kids. Junior Championship Tournaments were always events to look forward to.

The highest of the championship title, ‘Grandmaster’ is the most sought-after title that the Chess game geniuses aim at. While other national game organisations give away titles, nothing is as competitive as hitting the title of ‘Grandmaster’ in Chess.

Until a few years back the game of Chess was one of the Olympic Games and saw great chess geniuses marking history with their skills and game strategies. Chess was also a part of the Asian Games during 2006 and 2012. The recent developments in technology although, has made it quite less a possibility for Chess to be a part of competitive games. After the chess game that beat the chances of winning against one of the chess players, the board is now quite sceptical with the turns that this might take the game to.

Why Chess Classes & Workshops?

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While the game involves the best hand at playing intellectually and strategically, the basics of the game might require training sessions. If the player is interested in taking Chess as a competitive game and appear at tournaments, it requires great coaching. This will help the player untie the knots and set the strategies right with just winning the game as the ultimate goal.

While still the smartest chess game app can give a great competition, it also requires that the player is well directed towards a winning game, that a computerised might fail to engage the player in.

Time control games will not play fair with a programmed machine sitting across the table from a player who is also processing thoughts. It requires a well versed trainer who will be able to get the player to work smarter and better around the time.

Fundamentals of tactics and strategies are shaped into stronger ideas when a player trains with a professional coach.

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