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About Cat Café Studio

Mumbai’s Cat Café Studio is Simply Purr-fect

Image Credit: The Indian Express
Cat Café Studio is open to cat lovers and enthusiasts every day! Lounge in the company of wonderful cats, while you sip on freshly brewed coffee or devour a slice of cake that’s come straight out the oven. Cat Café Studio also offers free Wi-Fi, some really interesting books and board games of various kinds. However, it is definitely the cats that will make this cafe your happy place. Started in 2010 on a small scale and limited to animal lover communities, Cat Café Studio opened its gates in 2015, to an overwhelming response and heart-warming purrs. Cat Café currently hosts around 30 to 40 cats at any given time. No entry charge or hourly pay for visiting our lovely felines, and you know what they say – time spent with cats is never wasted. All cats at Cat Café Studio are up for adoption. All cats are rescued and nurtured to good health before they join the huge cat clan of Cat Café Studio. For details and consultation on Adoption process, please visit Cat Café and contact the staff, who are extremely friendly and always ready to make you and the cats happy.

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Since this establishment is primarily works as a café, it does not heavy dishes. Most of its items can be categorised as snacks that go wonderfully with warm beverages, or while you are having fun petting a cat. Cat Café Studio offers sandwiches such as Chicken Barbeque Grill Sandwich, Paneer Veg Sandwich and Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. There are also bagels like Grilled Chicken and Lemon Honey. If you are looking for something slightly more filling, then you can go for Maggi preparations like Classic Butter Maggi and Chicken Maggi. This café is also a dream come true for people with a sweet tooth, since they have delicacies like Peanut Butter Jelly Cookies, Marble Slice Cake and Carrot Cream Cheese.

Image Credit: Cat Cafe Studio
Cat Café Studio is a non-alcoholic outlet, and it offers some really amazing drinks. From various kinds of coffees, to delicious cooling drinks like Lemon Iced Tea, the beverages here are to die for.

Image Credit: Cat Cafe Studio
Cat Café Studio is a private organisation run and funded by Zcyphher – An Independent Creative Agency. The artistic souls at Zcyphher couldn’t help but make it into an Art Studio for promoting independent artists from all over to come display their art, stage for musicians and poets or even writers to come exploit the creative environment and seek inspiration.
If you happen to love cats, or animals in general, there can be no better place for you to hang out than Cat Café Studio. Not only will you be able to enjoy some furry company, but you’ll also be to contribute and ensure that these wonderful cats have a happy life.

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091670 12606


Bungalow No. 68, First Floor, Aram Nagar Part 1, Harminder Singh Road,, Versova, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
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