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About Amit Tandon

Introducing another blockbuster entertainer, Amit Tandon, who not only graduated from one of India’s most prestigious universities - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - but is currently working as CEO and managing director for Empyrean Partners along with being one of India’s top comedians. He has solo - toured over 3 continents performing in over 700 shows. 

His talents do not end here. This ‘Married Guy’ also brought a popular comedy face off show to Indian lands and does a radio broadcast show every week along with maintaining a well thought out blog. 

Don’t forget he is also the founder of Grandmasters of Comedy, which targets in bringing laughs out of the corporate world. He was awarded runner-up for CEO’s got talent and was also featured on NDTV as a rising comedian. 

Lets not forget that his days as a standup comedian began only recently, as he says after two kids and a marriage and realising that it could not get worse than this. He still however did not put his corporate days behind him. 

This multitalented prodigy shows his knowledge on numerous video’s ranging from topics like demonetisation to women and panjabi families!

Be sure not to miss his appearances in your city. 

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