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About Add-Venture India

“Add-venture India” is all about such adventures - Meticulously brought under one roof. Why??? Because we strongly believe - that a curious child and an explorer is hidden in every individual….. Because we strongly believe - that our routine boring lives will transform into an epic one, only if we blend in a little adventure with it…. Because we strongly believe - that not only physically & mentally fit people, but also those desperately willing to walk on a non-trodden path, can easily do it …… “Add-venture India” is all for that child and explorer within you who, perhaps, only needs a hand at the right spot to pull you out from the boring routine and help you walk that non-trodden path. Who we are? We are a small group of like minded individuals, and Adventure is not only our first love but is also “Oxygen”. Hence, we have been into the ‘outdoors’ for nearly 3 decades now, and for all these years have also been actively participating, planning, organising and conducting variety of Adventure activities, for ourselves as well as for whoever is interested. We are fully aware that adventure activities do not mean ‘stunts’ and that not all sorts will suit everyone. We understand the importance of safety and precautions when individuals are exposed to the outdoors. We are also aware that for every one, ‘Adventure’ may be different. That is the reason all our programs may not be open to all, but we will surely be able to provide a program for everyone. We have an outlet which exclusively deals in all sorts of safety and utility equipment needed for a range of adventure activities and sports. Right from head gears, sunglasses, apparels, sleeping gears, to foot wears, hydration packs, Swiss knives and so on. Right from waist pouches, small one day back packs, large sacks suitable for long treks and expeditions to technical equipment like carabineers, ropes, tape slings, Harnesses etc. All superior quality items you can trust without second thought, available under a single roof. Every piece occupying space on our shelves is selected painstakingly after studying it from all angles, as if it is brought for our own use. Because we understand, when some one’s life depends upon a critical piece of equipment available, there should not be any compromise. This place, located at a walking distance from Seawoods-Darave Station in Navi Mumbai, is equipped with a small, artificial, indoor climbing wall, where even the novices can try their skills. It’s open to all.

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