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About Salt Lake Stadium

Are you a sport person? A true Indian who is a complete cricket fanatic? Or maybe you like to diverse your interests a bit. Maybe you’re one of those football junkies? Well then, we have news for you! In the beautiful city of Kolkata you can find a grand stadium to satiate the inner sports person in you.

The Salt Lake Stadium is by far the largest stadium by capacity, holding as many as eighty-five thousand people. It was established in 1984 when a growing need for a larger stadium arose. Practically, the stadiums in the city preceeding this one were not able to meet the growing crowd. The stadium flaunts a synthetic track for athletic meets, along with being popular when it comes to hosting football and cricket matches.

What more? In 1997, over 130,000 spectators flocked to the Salt Lake grounds to watch the semi final between West Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

A couple of years back in 2011, the stadium was the venue for a friendly match between Venezuela and Argentina, which was hosted by the FIFA committee. This is actually a really cool news because a very prominent footballer lay foot on this very stadium. Yes, you got it right. It was none other than the then-24 year old Argentinian football star, Lionel Messi. However if you feel bad about missing that game, you may not want to miss the one happening in October. The stadium was named the venue for the final of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup, to be held this October. So now you know exactly where to head the months to come.

The stadium is easily accessible by road, as it lies on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. Great recent news to the city is that, a metro station near this iconic stadium is well under construction. You don’t have to shell a large amount the next time you head to watch your favourite sport.

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JB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098
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