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About Pratyush Chaubey

Quitting the job you have is a difficult process. That did not stop this software engineer from giving his resignation and following his dreams. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns as it sounds. Thanks to the endless talks and books by motivational speakers, we as a society have come to think that changing from a stable job to pursue your passion is easy peasy. Well, Pratyush Chaubey says it’s not.

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When he decided to let go of his well settled corporate job at TCS, it was a scary thought. He often wondered if what he was doing would be an irreversible mistake. But he absolutely loved comedy. Demoralising statements from loved ones did not help nor did the prospects of being a freelance stand-up comedian. They cared about him and his future but had zero confidence in such an unconventional career move. “'In the last three years I have tried everything to become a stand-up comedian,” he says. His farewell cake at TCS had “Hahaha!” on it. Once in the industry, he says that other stand-up comedians called him to perform because he made them sound funnier.

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Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, today, this frustrated comedian is a rising star in the Indian comedy circuit. He used his thoughts and experiences to create his most famous act “JOB nahi chhodhni chahiye thi.” It was about his story of leaving the conventional job to pursue his dream. Pratyush Chaubey lays out his frustrations with such honesty that we can’t help but empathise with him. He is the winner of Comedy Ka Daddy, which was organized by NDCC. His narrations strike a chord and are peppered with such humour that makes us laugh out hearts out. Pratyush Chaubey specializes in improvised content. He takes up shows at Clubs, Restaurant Gigs, Commercial Events, College and School Events as well as Award functions. Enjoy an evening of fun and frolic at his live performance.

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