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About Kunzum Travel Cafe

Share Your Travel Stories at Kunzum Travel Café

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If you are a person who is forever struck by wanderlust, then the thing you want to the most, apart from travelling, is to meet and talk with other people like you. You want to find a community of travellers who come together to share stories, funny instances and advice on how to travel to certain locations around the world. New Delhi, it seems, has got just this place. Kunzum Travel Café, in Hauz Khas Village, is a Mecca for travellers. People from all over the world have come to this café to meet friends, share stories and celebrate the life of a traveller. The brainchild of Ajay Jain, Kunzum Travel Café is named after the Kunzum La Pass in the Himalayas. Ajay Jain’s Kunzum Travels curates trips across the globe, while the café helps potential travellers to meet the stalwarts in their field and plan their journey.

Food & Drinks

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Kunzum Travel Café was made to be a place that facilitates the meeting of the minds, and a pit stop for the weary traveller. As such, while it offers refreshments, nothing heavy or exotic is served at the café. You can ask for a variety of tea and coffee, accompanied by some biscuits and cookies. The unique thing about the Kunzum Travel Café is that you are not obliged to order anything once you step inside. That’s right, you can spend a whole day at the café, chatting with people, making travel plans, listening to stories, without spending a single penny. And even if you do decide to pay for the refreshments, it’s up to you as to how much you will pay. There are no prices on Kunzum Travel Café’s small menu, you can give whatever amount you wish to. The café is designed to help and assist weary travellers from all over. As such, you might find yourself on the threshold of this café with nearly empty pockets. But don’t worry, Kunzum Travel Café will have a seat just for you.    


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Kunzum Travel Café hosts many events, some for itself while others for Kunzum Travels. Upcoming events include the Nojoto Open MIC, the Traveller’s Sunday Brunch, and a trip to celebrate the Pushkar Camel Fair. Kunzum Travel Café also arranges a host of workshops on photography, travel blogging, travel writing, etc. There are musical performances as well, where artists from various schools of music take to the stage. Finally there are the photography exhibitions and the film screenings. At the photography exhibition you can look at the stunning photos taken by your fellow travellers, and even buy the ones on sale. The films screened at the Kunzum Travel Café are all related to travelling. While some of these films have been made by renowned filmmakers, other were put together by travellers visiting unique and exiting places. 

The Kunzum Travel Café is undoubtable a place for travel enthusiasts, but it welcomes anyone that walks through its doors. If you have some time to spare, and a desire to meet some wonderful people, then head over to the Kunzum Travel Café and let its patrons tell you their remarkable stories over a warm cup of tea.

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096507 02777


T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
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