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About Kishore Dayani

Kishore Dayani who calls himself “KD”, is a professional stand-up comedian, writer, and a voice-over artist. He was born in Jharkhand and raised in a Sindhi family. His situation was quite unlucky as he mingled being a Sindhi and a Bihari. His sense of humour is tummy tickling and his inspiring messages has made youngsters follow their dreams.

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His comedy is mostly about politics, marriage, his childhood and motivational messages. You should hear him say jokes on the life of Bihari, Sindhi and how marriage married him. “Stand up comedy to me is a way to make people laugh and to entertain them but it's incomplete without giving food for thought to my audience, and this is exactly what I do,” says KD.

KD’s comedies are intellectual humor, it is a mixture of Hindi and English that forms a story from his daily walks of life. Mainly from office, his neighborhood, streets, from his wife and mother-in-law too.He believes that his comedies rely on satire, social taboos, and stereotypes. Moreover, he does not stop himself from social media, that helps him in adding more substance to his humor.

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Kishore stepped up to be a stand-up comedian in 2013. Earlier he was a corporate honcho, who later decided to execute stories with pointed barbs, satirical shots, hilarious puns and sporadic parodies. On the other hand, apart from being a comedian, KD is also a writer with his contribution to many television shows and sketches to various news channels.Kishore is an excellent voice-over artist, who has been part of many TV and radio mnemonics, known for his skills of acting in theatre and TV.

Image credits:Facebook- Kishore Dayani

KD has done about 200 comedy shows. He has also performed in shows for top corporates in Delhi NCR, Google, Seagrams, Mahindra, Tata,, Justdial, Interglobe, UCB, UB, IPL and more. 

He is also part of the company “Laughter Nation”, it curates comedy shows for various clubs, bars, auditoriums and corporate organizations.

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