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About Bikaner House

Is the first encounter of the many magical and mysterious journeys awaiting the traveler and musafir who wants to explore and savour Rajasthan, once the Land of Kings, today a resurgent State, reaching out to India and beyond to the world. Bikaner House was part of the larger scheme, design and architectural plan of the Imperial Capital, executed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. This Grand Home along with the ‘residences’ of other rulers – Hyderabad, Baroda, Patiala and Jaipur – was positioned around an expansive rotary christened ‘Princes’ Park’. Bikaner House has recently been meticulously restored to its original form. In its reinvention, this architectural gem, poised gracefully on the edge of the hexagon that encircles India Gate, the War Memorial, will resonate with the creative energy of India. It will showcase the fine, continuing skills of the master craftspeople who are rooted in the State, each one embodying the spirit and ethos of ancient design and technique, of contemporary form and product. A Design Shop, VAYU, will share the best of Rajasthan sourced carefully from the ateliers of artisans, all specially designed and custom crafted merchandise based both on the styles and details of past antiquity, and also those that manifest the contemporary ethos of a new age and time. CHANDNI BAGH, a fragrant, white moonlight garden, laced with jasmine and frangipani, will be the open-air evening venue that will resound, each weekend, with the many different strands and sounds of music, of folk, classical and contemporary renditions; with performances of dance, theatre, story-telling through the traditional art of dastangoi, cinema and other experimental forms. An Art Space will present the work of painters, sculptors and photographers; will preview personal heirlooms ‘curated’ by the collectors themselves; show case installations by contemporary artists; exhibit graphic traditions and unveil classical works. Thirteen exhibitions spread over twelve months. The regal and imposing BAITHAK, will host book launch events; small seminars; private dinners; and sometimes convert itself into a space for classical music concerts, like the traditional Baithaks of the past. A signature restaurant will celebrate the cuisine of India and more. A café and private, in-house catering will add value to the experience.

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Pandara Rd, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110011
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