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About Thaikkudam Bridge

Thaikkudam Bridge is a Kerala based Musical Band founded and formed in Kochi in the year 2013. They made a grand entry into the entertainment industry through the program called Music Mojo on a Malayalam channel called Kappa TV.

Initially, they did not have any plans to form a band. It was after shooting their first score that they came up with a name for the band. It all began with Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon and a group of like minded talented friends who got together for jam sessions. After the invitation from Kappa TV to perform on the small screen, they’ve never had to look back.

What is with the unusual name? Thaikkudam is a place in Cochin, Kerala. Thaikkudam Bridge connects Vyttila-Alappuzha in Ernakulam, Kerala, and was known for accidents and traffic congestions until July 2013. The band decided on the name of the bridge that overlooked their practice sessions and now the bridge is known by the band. The colloquial Malayalam references in some songs made it an instant hit with a strong local fan base. They have resurrected musical numbers, blowing new life into them without disturbing the soul of the song. They performed their first live concert in 2014 and now it is a popular band steadily gaining a fan base within the country and abroad.

With magic in their voices and tours and concerts all over the world, Thaikkudam Bridge signifies the rebirth of Malayalam music. They gained popularity through social media sites such as Youtube with lakhs of people subscribed to their page. Their flawless compositions and breath taking execution has resulted in immense popularity breaking boundaries of language and age

The number of band members is ever growing and so is their diversity. The band members come from diverse cultural backgrounds and this is evident in their music. The uniting factor is their love for expressing their passion for music without being restricted to any particular genre. Thaikkudam Bridge can be described as a Multi-genre band, they experiment with all genres from western heavy metal to Indian classical. Besides, multilingual covers are their speciality. No creative differences mutual respect is the secret to Thaikkudam Bridges success.

Anyone who hears their music becomes a fan. Thaikkudam Bridge has set high standards and great expectations for the digital music industry in the country. Their rise to fame is unstoppable. With their self-composed songs and renditions of popular songs, they have created a niche for themselves in the extremely competitive Indian music industry. If you find offbeat music exciting, don’t miss their shows. Thaikkudam Bridge is sure to leave you with pleasant vibes.


Kochi, Kerala
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