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Marathons in Chennai have caught up like a wildfire even while the sun is beaming. Be it sunny or not, the running community in Chennai is high with fitness freaks like never before. Upcoming marathons in Chennai has strenuous distances like the full and half marathon in Chennai. The 10k and the 5k marathons in Chennai are for all ages from beginner level to the advanced level. Here is all you have to know about running events in Chennai, register now to see yourself at the next best marathon in Chennai.

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Marathon In Chennai

Chennai has a cosmopolitan crowd with a large percentage of the people who take running seriously. On the weekend and in the early morning hours, you can find locals at parks or on the sidewalks jogging or running. From being an activity to promote fitness, running has gain popularity in the last decade as a competitive sport - a test of stamina and badge of honour among the growing running community in Chennai.

Marathon fever has caught on like wildfire in Chennai with many organizers hosting the event and participants vying for a spot on the top runners’ lists. There are a variety of marathon events in Chennai. If you are looking to participate in a marathon in Chennai, here is all you need to know.

Full Marathon in Chennai

Participating in a full marathon is a challenging feat and you will need adequate prior experience before you sign up. For someone with long distance running experience, covering a distance of 42 kilometres in a full marathon is doable provided they prepare themselves well for the race.

To prepare for a full marathon, you have to start about a year before the race. There are plenty of plans online which guide you on the distances and speeds you should be covering weekly to train. Pushing yourself can result in injury so its best to take things at a reasonable pace.

Popular full marathon events in Chennai: Chennai Marathon and the Run for Village Full Marathon.

Half Marathon in Chennai

A half marathon is popular with runners who are moderately-skilled in running long distances. It is not as challenging as a full marathon but covering 21 kilometres is no mean feat.

Just as it is with a full marathon, participants in a half marathon need to train well and prepare themselves for the race. It is best to start training about 8-10 months before the race. If you are participating in a half marathon for the first time, hire a fitness trainer to help you get in shape for the race.

Popular half marathons in Chennai: GEO Marathon and Magnathon Classic Half Marathon.

10K Marathon in Chennai

The 10K marathon is a little more relaxed than a full and half marathon, skilled runners prefer not to participate in a 10K marathon. This kind of marathon is mostly run by fitness freaks with running experience.

To prepare for a 10K marathon, you need to start training about 6-7 months before the race. If you have no experience running and are looking to complete your first 10K race, getting help from a fitness trainer on your workout and diet plan can be helpful.

Popular 10K marathons in Chennai: Run For Child Education, Christmas Day Special Run, and Chennai 10K.

5k Marathon in Chennai

A 5K marathon is the easiest of all races, even an amateur runner can safely participate in the race.
Since the race is not stressful, a participant does not need to train strenuously for the race. A good 4-5 months of running and exercising should help you get fit for a 5K marathon.

Popular 5K marathons in Chennai: 5K SBI Green Marathon, Run for Children’s Education and Dawn To Dusk Chennai Marathon.

What is provided at marathon events in Chennai

The following is usually included in marathon events in Chennai:
1. T-Shirts
2. Bibs with names and number
3. Fruit
4. Water
5. Medical assistance if needed
6. Snacks or refreshments after the race
7. Medals or certificate of completion
8. Winners may receive prizes

How to register for running events in Chennai

If you are looking to register for the Chennai marathon or other running events in Chennai do so on The website is simple to use, has all the marathon listings and a very good and secure payment gateway. has excellent information on a host of marathon and other events in India. For updates on events on the go, download the app. Look out for special offers and discount coupons on the website.

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