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About Elliots Beach

Besant Nagar Beach is the name by which the Elliot's Beach is popularly known. The beach is officially called Elliots Beach and was christened after Mr. Edward Elliot who was once the Chief Magistrate and superintendent of police in Chennai. Even if you have not heard of Besant Nagar Beach, you have probably heard of Chennai’s famous Marina Beach. Besant Nagar Beach is one portion of Marina Beach's shoreline. One landmark that will help you identify this beach is the Karl Schmidt Memorial. An architectural landmark named that has been named after a European sailor who died at sea in the year 1930 while attempting to save the life of a drowning girl.

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Religiously prominent centers lie in areas near its premises. Next to the beach is the well known Velankanni Church. It is one of the most significant structures in Chennai city and often considered as the Mecca of Christians. On the shorelines of Besant Nagar Beach lies Ashtalakshmi Kovil, a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. You can also check out the Rajaji Bhavan which is a complex of government buildings.

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The beach by itself is one of the cleanest beaches that can be found in Chennai. Unlike the Marina beach which is almost always packed with people, Besant Nagar Beach is a fairly calm and tranquil place to visit.  It is an ideal place for long walks and serious conversations. If you are looking for a beach that offers water sports and related recreational activities, this is not the place to be in. In fact, you can spend an entire day here from dawn to dusk without being disturbed by street hawkers and food vendors. If you find yourself hungry, there is an entire array of restaurants and fast food centers that provide multi cuisines. Some of these include Ponnuswamy restaurant, Karaikudi restaurant, Lee's Chinese restaurant and the New Shangri La, a Malaysian restaurant.


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